An Extraordinary Day!


This last Sunday I ran the ECBA Freedom Run sponsored by Cambridge 5k in Cambridge Ma.  Why is this race important you may ask.  Well for one it would be my 1000th different recorded beer on Untappd. Second of all I have been in a lull with my running.  The last three 5ks I have ran have all been at my overall average of 23:22. This is my overall average as kept on Athlinks. This being said I want to strive to break a 22 minute 5k this year.  These were both challenges I had placed to myself for this race.  Actually a week before I wasn’t for sure that I would even do the race but was assured that I should.

I’ve worked hard to lose weight for the past couple of weeks.  That being said I don’t want to sacrifice Craft beer.  I have come to realize that I have to cut down on my food intake.  Having done so for the prior four weeks  I could tell a difference in my weight and how my body felt.  However having heel spurs in my left foot, I had not ran in five days prior to the race. Somehow if I were to run 23 minutes it would be a miracle of God.  That being said I was off and the first mile I ran in a 6:57 mile pace, the next mile I ran a 7:01 pace,  I felt in a way strong but I also know that I was going to hit the hill and part of me felt worn down from the first two miles.  I finally finished the race with an overall time of 22:26. This is my fourth fastest 5k ever.

Now for the Beer: Notch brought “Left of the Dial”, “Session Pils”, and “Session Saison”.  Baxter brought “Stowaway IPA”, “Summer Swelter” and “Pamola Pale Ale”.   Slumbrew brought “Flagraiser IPA” and “Happy Sol”.  I have already had all of these but I was aware that I have not had “Naked Hopularity”  from Slumbrew as of yet!  So it was settled and the toffee and hopped goodness that is “Naked Hopularity” was my 1000th beer on Untappd.

The overall experience of this race was awesome! From the opening gun to the dance party everything in this event made May 26th an extraordinary day!


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