How to do Running Club the Right Way!

On Wednesday May 29 I flew to Charlotte, NC and then had my mother drive me to my hometown to stay with my family for a week in Spartanburg, SC. After getting into Charlotte right around 9 am I knew that I would end up back in Charlotte before the end of the day I would end back up in Charlotte to run with NoDa Running Club. I let the running club know that I was coming and that I live out of state.  That allowed me to receive this nice message on Twitter:


You know after receiving this message I no doubt would trek 70 miles to the place I flew into at the beginning of the day.  So after leaving Spartanburg at 3:30 and arriving at in Charlotte right after 5 pm I was welcomed to this wonderful site:


With the first wave of runners starting at 6:20 and my ambitions wanting me to run with the five mile group at 6:30 I had plenty of time to pregame:


After this it was time to run.  My plan was to do the five miles but the southern heat and humidity had other plans.  After mile one I felt that the heat got the best of me.  That being said right after mile one I stopped to get water at a convenience store.  Also you will find the most incredible things in convenience stores down south:


But only a half of a mile later I came to find this:


I’m going to say this is the best gesture to have in a fun run where it is 90 degrees outside.  It is something I would like to see with some of the run clubs in the greater Boston area but I digress.  Also coming in on the close of the run there is an awesome view of the city:


Overall there was about 250 runners which any run club and several race here in Massachusetts would be happy to have those numbers.  I’m impressed with the city of Charlotte for showing up for this.  I  remember Charlotte being a place that is more known for fast food and NASCAR but I am proud to see everyone working to get healthier.  My dad offered me $10,000 to move to Charlotte six years ago and NoDa you are making it tough to say no!  Also lets not forget the beer:


Good people and good beer make a running club perfect.  NoDa Running Club, I can’t wait to run with you again!


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