Running and Craft Beer Southern Style.

There is more to this than words that I will be able to describe.  Some words can give description but mainly this is more about the things that make sense and the things that will never make sense in a thousand years.  This is where I am from, this is my hometown.  So what is the first thing I do when I get home?  Get breakfast of course:


Take note I had breakfast like this three more times. This also includes the sausage and egg biscuit from Hardee’s which came in a hamburger bun. Why did it come in a hamburger bun?  Because per my dad it was healthier that way. It wasn’t good.  It was bad and bad for me. I am still trying to get rid of the anchor in the gut feeling it gave me.

Brewery tastings and tours are also fun.  I did have to make a stop by RJ Rockers in downtown Spartanburg to get my fill of “Son of a Peach” and other beers they had available:


The ironic note is that I saw several church and bible verse t-shirts floating around the brewery.  My mom wouldn’t be proud of that.  She already thinks that I am going to hell for drinking and wine in the bible was not fermented. But yet the brewery was slammed  with people.

Afterwards dinner (accompanied with a “Son of a Peach”):


To just make a fact known I ate this whole thing within 18 hours.  That being said don’t eat a monstrosity like this and then plan on running an 8k the next day.  You’ll feel awful doing it. I also don’t recommend doing races that go in parking lots either:


The race was four loops in a parking lot while people dressed in 80’s garb. No after party for the race therefore I had to go to the Greenville Beer Exchange for some goodies:



And for beers to drink it is to Barley’s which is America’s “Most Arrogant Bar” for 2013:


The following day was  the  Beer City Festival. Let’s say there were a few interesting characters there:


There were some very good beers at the fest from Wedge, Holy City, Highland, Pisgah, and Burial.  I also got to meet representatives from Asheville Running Tours. However when you come out and bring beer to the masses waiting in line it is obvious that you are going to be the winner.  Wicked Weed, You impressed me:


So much that I made sure to have a post game drink at your brewery!

Let’s talk about things that baffle me.  While running in the neighborhood I ran into this:


Yes if you look a little bit closer that is a bridge going over a gutter ending right at the end of a mailbox. I saw three of these within a mile of each other.:


This being said I feel that probably my best bet for running is to get away from the neighborhood all together and run the Rail Trail:






Nature was what the doctor order but all good things must come to an end.  This is where we show our packing abilities (I do layers with beer bottles and my check in bag came in at 53 lbs):


Until next time Sparkle City and the Dirty South…until next time…


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