Tory Row 5k (How I learned it was too hot to PR)



On 06/22/2012 I had a PR for a mile run.  That being said I ran in the second lane instead of the first for the first three laps around the track which added .04 miles and 15 seconds to my time.  After looking at my time for the mile the day before I realized that a PR is in sight.  However mother nature supplied 90 degrees of sunshine and 100 percent humidity.  As for Tory Row:

Mile 1- Started off very well but noticed that my time was upticking over a 7 minute pace before the end of mile 1. By the end of the first mile I realized that it wasn’t going to be my day. Before this mile had ended I had faded to a 7:13 pace.

Mile 2- This is where it started to go downhill (or uphill if you are looking at it technically). Uphill is where I was draging and figured it would be best to walk it out. This cause the pace to drop to an 8:04.

Mile 3- Patches of sunlight really started to set in and when it is 90 degrees out that is never good.  There were times I had to walk it out but I noticed other runners doing the same.  The must have been feeling the pinch of humidity. Still again an 8:11 pace to finish this mile.  Luckily I know how to sprint to the finish line to finish the race at 24:07.

Not close to a PR but another race in the books so…..

Let’s talk about the beer:

Fisherman’s “Honey Pilsner”- This was a nice surprise.  Usually Pilsners are not full of body and can almost come across as a little bland. Not this one! Though I didn’t catch the taste of honey as much there were some very good citrus flavors in the profile of this beer. It was a bit cloudy in the body of it but nothing wrong with that. Four out of Five pours.

Portico “Fuzzy Logic” – Wow, What can I say about this but it was a shock for a Kolsch.  This is a great summertime beer.  The mix of fruit and floral hop went well and didn’t overbite the tounge at all.  I earned my beer on this one. Four and half pours.

Fisherman’s IPA –  This IPA doesn’t scream West Coast but it doesn’t completely scream your not West Coast IPA either.  It has a good balance and a refreshing hop taste that isn’t bitter at all.  A nice way to finish out the races afterparty. Four pours.

The awards were announced around Noon and the afterparty ended a little bit after that.  That being said you have to know where to go to continue the party.  As for giving this secret my lips are sealed.


3 thoughts on “Tory Row 5k (How I learned it was too hot to PR)

  1. I was so excited about this race beforehand, because I had PR’ed on my previous 5k (in part because I ran the whole thing, instead of walking some of it). But it was too damn hot! Had to walk some of it. Did do it “like last year, only faster”! Thinking I like Fall, Winter, and Spring races a lot better 🙂

    p.s. thanks for dropping by my blog. I found you through Dani (Weight off my Shoulders). I’m also in Medford! Woo!

  2. A few more thoughts. I really liked the Bantam cider they had after. Was really light and crisp, which I needed after that race!

    Also noticed that my comment is listed for a different time zone. Might be something weird with your blog settings?

    • Hi Steph, I’m not for sure why but it is already telling me it is July 4th. Probably my biggest gaff at this point is getting my set up with the timing and the design right on this though I am probably just a couple of streets down from you in Medford. I didn’t have Bantam but I have had it before. It is a really good and crisp cider to have after a run. Since I had it before I did go with the other beers there though I could see Bantam being a solid choice.

      I also noticed you mentioned Dani and I am going to give her a shout out in my next blog about her giveaway. Vert is an awesome trail race and hopefully you’ll be able to do it!

      P.S. Thanks for writing me at 1 a.m.


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