Bike to your Beer (Part 2)! Or How I Met A Man Who Is Going To Drink 351 Sam Adams In All 351 Towns In Massachusetts!

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The night before my unknown 8.5 mile ride  that I had made on 06/23/13 I was fumbling on twitter I found a man who was willing to go to every city in town in Massachusetts to have a Sam Adams beer. It may seem like an easy choice until you see that there are 351 towns, eight of them are dry, and some of them don’t even have public roads that go through them (looking at you Monroe). So at 6 am I became aware of my day:

sammeetup copy

Meeting up at the Burren isn’t that hard since it is only approximately a mile from my apartment.  I could have even went to the Dubliner which is only and extra .25 miles. So receiving a message stating he was in the area I grabbed a shower (I ran the Tory Row 5k earlier that day) and biked over.

I had to search around the Burren for only a moment before finding Todd. We sat down and I knew that I had to have a Samuel Adams “Summer Ale” out of respect for Todd’s mission.  As for Sam Summer I will say that it is a full bodied ale that is crisp with lemon zest and is a beer where most Summer beers base their recipe from.  It is a four out of five pours beer! But enough about Sam Adams because you know how great the beer is.


That being said it seems to be a pretty impressive feat. When you think of Massachusetts as just Boston you might just be selling the state short. Some locations and towns in the state can be fairly hard to get to.  It is why the Mass Pike does a bellied loop down into Springfield and back up into Worcester and Boston. The Quabbin Reservior is length wise 18 miles North to South and is in the middle of the state.

Speaking with Todd something became fairly obvious: Todd was on a mission but he was obliterating his goal.

Did Todd come accross as someone who has a personality of a movie star that overwhelms you?  No, but he has found a niche that very few of us are able to find in life.  Not only that he has been able to raise over $25,000 for cancer research.

The Burren in Somerville was his last stop after making stops in Chelsea, Brookline, and Cambridge.  The Burren was approximately stop 280 on the list of 351 stops.  If you are counting the days on a calendar this was on the 174th day of the year and if you are doing the math that is 1.6 stops per day. Also if you look at it as 71 days left of different bars he will be done at the end of August with the pace he is going.  But it would make sense because if you are from Grafton and you need to get stops done in Pittsfield why not try to knock out Lenox, Richmond, and Washington as well.  The more interesting thing to learn is that some of the towns have no bars.  So you have to connect with people to get this mission accomplished.  When I spoke with him he stated the last town left on his list was Windsor (I think).  There were some really good stories of some of the trips he had coming up. Pixies Outlaw Bar in Monroe was a place he was about to stop but realized that it would be worth sharing with his entire family instead. The nudist colony in Hancock sounded like it would be an interesting story to hear when it happens.  The last stop will be in Boston (Jamaica Plain) at the Sam Adams Brewery sometime in early September.

We also talked about Jim Koch, the founder of Sam Adams.  He had said that Jim was very supportive.  As someone who had visited the brewery and met Jim during Boston Beer Week I can attest to this statement.  He also said that Jim had planned on making a couple of stops on this tour and would be at the final stop at the Brewery.  Todd also stated that Jim informed him to try other beer as well which Todd also had a Harpoon Summer Ale while at the Burren.

While I didn’t stick around to drink with Todd for his final beer I did learn of the surprises that come in life when you put yourself out there. I’ve also learn that the love of beer can make you new friends.  Cheers!


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