Race Offender: Tough Mudder

Tough Mudder logo

Tough Mudder logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our first offender of the group is the Tough Mudder. Race Offenders are races who offer more expensive price points without offering quality beer. Tough Mudder is the first race of a series of races that is charging way too much for recieving way too little in reward for accomplishments.   A description of the race from Tough Mudder website:

Tough Mudder® events are hardcore 10-12 mile obstacle courses. Our courses test everything you’ve got, requiring not just physical strength and stamina, but mental grit, determination, and camaraderie.

 Once you cross that finish line, you’ll know what it feels like to be a Mudder. Whether it’s your first Tough Mudder or your 10th, nothing beats the feeling of enjoying a cold Dos XX beer and adding to your orange headband collection.

So let’s get this straight,  You run 10-12 miles.  In the middle of those 10-12 miles you do such things as climb under barbwire, run and swim through ice-cold water, run through shocking electrical currents, jump over fire, and do a ton of burpees (burpees is what they forget to tell you that this race will be half full of). What do you get at the end of this as a reward?

XX lager beer. Picture taken by me.

XX lager beer. Picture taken by me. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An Ice cold Mexican Coors Banquet Beer Dos Equis. So for the price of between $85 (OMG they announced this race is happening three years from now I better sign up now for the discount) to $180 (Sure I’m ready for a 10-12 mile obstacle course with no training.  Let’s do this!) That’s only for the Regular race.  If you are doing the Worlds Toughest Mudder then look to spend $350-$500!

So Tough Mudder wants you to continue the obstacle course of drinking their beer after 10-12 miles !  My advice is to stay thirsty and go to your local bar that serves craft beer!


If A Training Run Is This Awesome Then The Race Will Be Off The Hook!


Race Director Eddie O  with the starting group of runners before going out for the Vert “Big Bad Wolf”  Pre Run.

On Saturday we went to a Pre Run of the Vert Big Bad Wolf Race at the Ipswich Brewery sponsored by Slumbrew, Notch, Clown Shoes, and Ipswich 5 Mile!  Proceeds from the race itself will go to benefit the Wolf Hollow Sanctuary in Ipswich, Ma. We started at the current Ipswich brewery and ran to the start of the race.


In the distance  you can see the New Ipswich Brewery.  This will be the start and finish of the race.


When the course goes from road to trail we stopped to regroup.  If it should be known this is the perfect beginners.

The group ran another 3.7 miles and then we regrouped at the current Ipswich Brewery.  There we were greated by vintage Ipswich vehicles, pizza from the Ipswich House of Pizza, Vert Tech T-shirts, and of course beer!   Also, a representative from the Wolf Hollow Preservation gave out free stickers and visitor passes as well to the runners!


Unfortunately there was no beer being served from this truck!….


This was how the beer was being served!

In regards to the Beer being served we got to try the Notch “Corn Mule Lager” which might just be the best Lager I have ever had. Not only that but I got to add it on Untappd.com. There was Slumbrew “Flagraiser” which I may have gotten the only pint of because the keg had kicked, Ipswich Summer Ale was a very nice summer ale, and the ever so delicious “Happy Sol” from Slumbrew.


Fact: Wolves love beer!


A free t-shirt for running a free training run?  You won’t beat that!


Anthony was nice enough to give us a tour of the facility at the current location for the Ipswich Brewery.  Afterwards we also took a tour of the facility at the new location.


Hops are being grown off of the side of the new Ipswich Brewery!


Runners gather to take a tour of the new Ipswich Brewery!

All in all it was a fantastic day for the 40 runners who showed up and got to try some awesome beer and view an awesome brewery.  If you want to sign up for the race you can do so at vertraceseries.com/bigbadwolf.  The race is Saturday September 21st at noon in Ipswich Ma!

From Boston to Chicago


Almost a year ago I ran my first official Marathon in Chicago (I say official because I did bandit Boston in 90 degree weather).

Looking at my marathon training there has been a month full month heat, humidity, and foot pain.  The heat and humidity will go but I am not for sure how to get rid of the foot pain.  Even a couple of days ago I felt a little overwhelmed and ran my slowest half marathon ever in Easton. I’ve also noted that I ran my second slowest with 8 weeks go when I realize this will be 12 Sundays from this Sunday and there is still time.  If I were to peak at this moment it wouldn’t be good.  If I peak in October then that is what I want and it would be the best possible result.


There were a lot of good memories and stories from last years race.  A lot that I will share in the next few weeks. How a local brewery in Milwaukee has more interesting history than the massive Macro brewery.  How one baseball park was night and day better than  the other in regards to craft beer selection. How sharing new beers and reconnecting with friends is awesome. And most importantly the race itself.

Chicago was something that I did for myself last year.  It was proof that I could break 4:00:00 in a marathon and I ran 3:56:03.  That being said the world is a different place.  The events and tragedies of the Boston Marathon makes this race much more meaningful. There are many stories that I could personally about how this years marathon but I will wait tell. It is time to let this one heal. This one I will run for the city I have called home for the past 8 years. I have a large list of friends and new friends that I have made who are also running.  Hopefully we can all run for our city (at different speeds and abilities of course).  Hopefully at the end of this race we can eat Chicago style hot dogs, eat Giordano’s Deep Dish Pizza (and hopefully not bbq chicken this time), and drink beer at Revolution Brew Pub.

If I hear Arcade Fire again at mile 25 of the way to the finish I’ll break down into tears that will have more meaning. I will run the last and only memorable hill of the race at mile 26 going to 26.1, then going downhill to the finish line at 26.2.

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Why I run with……


The Kier Byrnes Freedom Runners. This is a series of posts that are in the works. This being said if you run with a running club that has appreciation for running and craft beer We would love to hear from you!  All we would need is a few short paragraphs or if succinct a paragraph on why you run with the running club you run with.

Feel free to email us at craftbeerandrunning@gmail.com. Happy running and happy drinking!

Narragansett Half Marathon (I ran 13.1 miles and can’t get a beer out of the kiddie pool?)

When I had told people I was doing this race over half of them thought I was running here:


However if you look it up you’d find out it was here:

easton ma

This being said it was more cooler today but not nearly cool enough for a half marathon that being said I paid to run and the show must go on.

I start the first mile not too fast but not too slow.  However at the end of mile one a bee stings me on my neck and shoulder area.  This is something that I have not have happened all together, let alone in a race!

I ran with my friend Christina for the first three and a half miles.  I then stopped for water and that was when my feet didn’t want to go one in front of the other.  Something felt odd.  I felt the sting of the bee wasn’t pleasant but it was almost gone by then.

I saw goats at Mile four.  I also realized there was a scenic beauty on this course with a few paved trails and

The Gansett van passed me by a couple of times at miles 5 and 6.

Mile seven I hit the wall and everything came crashing down.  Toes were blistered in a couple of spots.  I have a blister on my right foot the size of a quarter where my shoe had rubbed. Every shaded area was a blessing but I felt gassed.  Never was I happier to see a finish line.

Right after the race I felt like I could pass out. I ate and drank water and took what seemed forever to get back to my car (almost a half of a mile walk to the car!)

Mr Gansett can was a happy site before it all went downhill.

I changed shirts, dressed down to flip-flops,  and went back to the after party.  After that I to the after party and have a Narragansett Summer Ale. I feel that it isn’t as good as when I had it a couple of years ago.  It doesn’t have the lemony zest and the hops on it doesn’t come across so well.  I went out to get  some therapy and for a side treat I got to see the last finisher cross the finish line but not before the blow up truss had been deflated to the ground.

I get back to the party to see four large-sized kiddie pools filled with beer but the front beer coolers were not.  When I asked the volunteer/server if I could have one he said no because they shut down at Noon.  No where in any communication said that the after party would stop at noon.  The Dime a Dozen cover band was still playing at this moment.  You could have at least served beer until they were done.  The email sent out promised two beers and I didn’t get but one.

All in all I am about 75% sure that I may not run this race again, mainly because the last finisher had the opportunity to drink zero beer.

A Review Of he Beer Mile By The Numbers!

So last night this is what happened at the beer mile in a detail by detail description in Cambridge Ma.

12 people started the run including ten men and two women.

One person dropped out.

The beers used were Coors Light, Budweiser, Yuengling (most overrated beer ever), Sunshine Pils by Troegs, Dales Pale Ale, and Brooklyn Summer.

A teenager and his dad came to the track to view it for running today.

The said teenager threw ice at us when they drove off.

Six people puked and ran the penalty lap.

I did not run!