Heat + Hills = A Sweaty Slow Race! (Or who are you marketing to and what type of runner are they)?


City Sports Back in the Day 10k was the hilliest 10k I have ever run.  If you have ever ran the James Joyce Ramble  you would realize there is a huge unbearable hill in between miles three and four.  This Race however had this number multiplied by four easily.  Also what could be an embarrassment is to have one course advertised and then run a completely different course that started on the Bike Path, went to Cedar st, Clyde St, back to Cedar street, to Broadway Ave, down School street, to Medford Street, around Prospect Hill Park, to Summer street, then a cut down to Elm St, up to Willow St, cutting through on Lexington st, to Cedar, and then back over the bike path to the finish. This course had some of the craziest hills that were not advertised at all. It was even noted in this article from Wicked Local that the course had changed a couple of days before the race happened.

To really analyze this race you have to look at who it was marketed to.

1. The just for fun and not to race runner –

This is the type of runner who does The Color Run, The Electric Run, and Tap ‘n’ Run 4k. Novelty is a part of the fun of this type of runner and times may or may not matter.  It is the more for fun runner.  I still want to say that this is only about 15-20% of people that run races or runs that pay for them.  Take a look at the lady on the front cover of the advertisement of this race.  She is very much looking casual.  It doesn’t look like she is going out to PR, just for a normal jog. The course of this race was not set up for a casual jogger. It was set up for an experience runner who know how to run hills. It makes me feel guilty I haven’t went and ran hills with the November Project in the last month and a half (I should claim this as a verbal for Friday).

2. I’ve come to run a race and do my best possible runner-

This is the kind of runner that you will see at about 70-80 % of all races. We get excited to get a PR on a distance ranging from a mile all the way to a Marathon.  Do we all run Marathons?  No.  Some of us may consider 10k as the longest distance we do.  That being said we put our feet to the pavement and on occasion trail (Trails are a blend of 2. and 3. which I will explain).  Some of us A lot of us love it when beer is offered at the end of a race (for me craft only please). Do some of the 1 type runners blend in with the 2 type runners?  Yes, you know they do. But for a lot of type 2 runners you are not going to go to a type 1 race looking to PR.

3. I’m a total BAD ASS runner-

This runner is the runner who is extremely into crossfit and  90-95% of the time would not even think to run a normal race in most cases.  This is the Runner likes to jump over fire, under barbed wire, and likes to lift 40 lb weights for distances longer than most mortal humans could bear.  These are the type of runners who live to run races like Ruckus, Urban Raid, Spartan, and if you like super long distances with much more than running Tougher Mudder.  If you want a perfect blend of all three groups listed then you will have to look at our good friends Zombies for that support.

That being said this race was advertised as a 1 and 2 race when you add the hills it becomes a 2 and 3 race.  Considering 100% humidity and a tempature of 85 degrees this race was unbearable and I’m embarrassed to announce any sort of running time. That being said it was much better than last 80’s themed race I had went to. Also the Sausage Guy had some really good food and $10,000 went to Somerville charities!

The post race beer was the Watch City  City Sports Summer Ale. I had the first one at M3 in Somerville which was somewhat packed and it would be thought of that Flatbread would be less packed.  I was wrongly mistaken.  The line was backed up from the bar to the door.  As for the beer it is a good Summer beer which has a nice lemon zest and a good head but the mouthfeel comes off a little watery at times.  Even still I give it 3.5 out of 5 pours.

As for this race I think I would consider it again but maybe wait until near registration day to do it.  It was way too hot and as I was saying this is a runner type 1-2 race which comes off as a 2-3 race. As it stands now a fun run but don’t look to PR.


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