Races To Run This Month (July 2013)

Here is a listing of races that will feature Craft Beer in the next few weeks that we think you should run:


Race Against Cancer Events Summer Series Race #3 07/11/2013:

This is a flat and scenic 5k course that starts in Herter Park in Cambridge Ma and wraps around the Charles River.  If the heat humidity of the Summer doesn’t get you then you might just PR. There is a womans 5k starting at 7 pm and a co-ed 5k starting at  Also the post race party is sponsored by Long Trail!


VERT Sasquatch Trail Race 07/14/2013:

If there is one and only one race that you do all Summer then this is the one!  The Beer Runner even says that Sasquatch is a Beer Runner so there you go.  Not only that, but after previewing the trail a couple of days ago I can tell you this is going to be a lot of fun.  Not only that but there will be beer from Slumbrew, Pretty Things, Notch, and Night Shift as well.  Not only that can you say Zoo After Party!  Of course the After party will be outside of the Stoneham Zoo but it will be a lot of fun.  Once again some awesome street graffiti will be performed and displayed as well as an awesome dance party going on into the afternoon as well.  My friend Dani from Weight Off My Shoulders also has a free Vert Race giveaway through 07/10/2013!  What are you waiting for, the trails are waiting for you!


Will Brewbound editor and writer Chris Furnari remain the poster person for Vert?!

gansett run

Narragansett Summer Running Festival 07/21/2013-

This is a race sponsored by Narragansett Brewing Company but is not ran in Narragansett, RI.  It will start in Stonehill College in Easton Ma and loops through Stoughton Ma and back.  There is a 5k, 10k, and Half Marathon option to run.  This will be a great half training run for a fall Marathon.  Lets all hope they have Summer Ale on tap.

If there is a Race in the month of July that has Craft Beer at the end of it that I don’t have listed feel free to email me at George.d.thompson@gmail.com.  Happy running everyone!!


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