Five Best Beers Of The Last Month (June)

Here is a list and a small description of the best 5 beers I have had in the last month:

NoDa Brewing Company- Nodajito:


You can go ahead and make Bud Light Lime  jokes all you want but this beer is absolutely what summer is made for! The Lime, Mint, and Hop balance were amazing after running with the NoDa run club and I would hope this could be a year round beer so I can have it again at Christmas.  I may not be so lucky but I was glad to enjoy it!

Foothills Brewing/ Wicked Weed Brewing- Freak 69:


What do you get when you get when you at an Imperial Stout with a Double IPA?  Well if you are a highly regarded Imperial Stout like “Sexual Chocolate” and you get blended in with a Double IPA like “Freak DIPA” then you get “Freak 69”.  Surprising as it would sound the Chocolate of this Stout and the citrus of the IPA blended very nicely and it made this beer quite Enjoyable!

RJ Rockers- Son of a Peach:


The best thing about this beer is opening up the bottle and pouring it into a glass.  Then taking a smell of the notes of it and it hits you with fresh peaches!  Then afterwards you taste it and then also realize that this beer tastes as good as it smells.  It is one I brought a 6 pack home of but I should have gotten a whole lot more! I consider this my hometown #standard because it is what I drink when I visit my family.

Backlash- Catalyst:


If there is one thing to know about Backlash is that they know how to make Double IPAs.  A big problem with a lot of Double IPAs is that there is a huge taste of booze in them because of the high alcohol content.  However with Catalyst and Backlash’s previous double IPA “Salute” there are more floral and citrus tones than most DIPAs will ever atone for and this one is no different. It might just be said that they have matched or outdone “Salute” with this one!  As per the tasting notes the Ammarillo hops really shine and is a truly unrated hop! Don’t let the brass knucks fool you because this one goes down smooth!

Yeastie Boys – Gunnamata:


All they way from the South Pacific is a wonderful blend of Earl Grey Tea and IPA.  Something would tell you that this would be a bad Idea but no!  This was wonderful as the Earl Grey and the IPA mixed very well together. More of a red color in the tone I was glad to make it to the Independent in Somerville, Ma at the end of last month to try this one!

What are some awesome beers you have gotten to try in the past month?  Feel free to leave a comment below!


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