Bike To Your Beer Part 3 (Three Breweries To Uncork At In One Day)

I’m going to apologize about floating around on these. However this one seemed to be so good it earned its own write up!!  Parts 1 and 2 of this is also available to read.

So my friend Eddie O from C5k sports had contacted me about meeting him at Night Shift Brewery to stop by and visit the brewery and sample some of their fantastic beer! So after a biking a few miles from Medford, Ma to Everett, Ma I met Eddie and his girlfriend Julie outside of the brewery on our bikes.


Julie was also awesome enough to share some of the beginning photos as well.

. 1044022_10200817647616843_66705135_n

While at Night Shift I had some of the Citranation on draft which was so phenomenal I had to get a growler to take home!


After we left Night Shift brewery we went to Idle Hands brewery which is next door. Pandora is a wonderful staple and Blanche de Grace is an excellent beer as well.


Afterwards Eddie and Julie decided to head back to the North End of Boston as I went off the beaten path for a 1.5 mile trek into Chelsea to the Mystic Brewery

don frito

What kind of wonderland is this?  There is a broken down trailer.  A restaurant that I don’t know what they serve, a 70s porn shop, and some broken down tractor trailors. And accross the street…

King Arthur

It’s King Arthurs! Is it a brothel, cheap hotel, or low rent housing.  I’m confused…..


I’m begining to think it might be a strip club or porn shop lost in the 70s….


Maybe this is just an other world Dave and Busters.  Let’s just push the pedals harder shall we?


Here is our destination and yes it looks awesome from the outside!


Inside it felt very spacious and I wished there were more people there to enjoy it! Entropy might just have been the best 14.2% ABV beer I had ever had and Descendant made this a 9.5 mile Porter ride.


At the end of the day I got to enjoy the Citranation that I had. Also Night Shift I’ll make sure sure to buy a snifter glass (you have to admit that Treehouse glass is pretty fantastic though)

If you would like to do this ride feel free to let me know.  I plan on leading another ride from the Schraft’s building across the street from the Sullivan Station T stop on August 10.  Let me know if you are interested!


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