A Beer Mile (A should or should I not do this)?!?!

So I’ve come to find out that one of the running clubs I am involved with is doing a beer mile on Friday night. I am seriously in debate because of three things:

1. It’s not an appriciation of beer (craft beer to be specific).  I’m in the know that it is easy to slam down Macros because they are like water but when it comes to craft beer it needs to be apprciated.  I don’t think I would be apprciating the taste and work that goes into a can of Stowaway IPA if I were to just slam it down.

2. I’m running a half marathon 1 1/2 days later.  Nothing says, “Hey wanna wreck your body” like drinking 4 beers in a mile in 10 minutes or less.

3. I don’t like puking.  There I said it and I doubt you do too!

These being the reasons I shouldn’t do it I do want to take a poll and see what you think:


6 thoughts on “A Beer Mile (A should or should I not do this)?!?!

    • Actually after watching the Beer Mile take place I will have to say it is a feat. It might be tougher than doing a Spartan Race to be honest. Everyone that ran it must have had less than 15% body fat, only one of them finished in under nine minutes, and half of the field ended up puking!

  1. A beer mile is exactly what it sounds like and there’s no hiding from the reality of it. It’s an event meant for those who want to just slam some brews, have some fun and compete with one another. If you’re running a half marathon 1.5 days later, probably not the best idea to participate, but you can always cheer on the stupidity of others.

    • Andy, I would have to agree with your sentiments on this. It is an event to be fun. From a craft beer sense it really isn’t an appreciation of beer. That being said I will come out to spectate. Should be a lot of fun. I also agree with beergeek23 and his sentiments as well. I think that is what made the Vert Sasquatch (http://www.vertraceseries.com/sasquatch/) such an awesome race. You were rewarded for your effort afterwards but hopefully there will be someone that will break a 5:07 mile in the Beer mile on Friday!

      • I would be very interested in seeing if someone does break a 5;07 mile while slamming 4 beers. I agree that it isn’t an appreciation of beer but I think it would be funny to see someone get hammered while running a mile. Still think it is a terrible idea but if you love to vomit then more power to you haha.

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