Bike To Your Beer Part 4 (Oh The Places You Will Go).

So there have been more than several stops along the way that I have skipped.  Here is my sorry in advance and my hopes you can forgive.

6/25/2013 – Biking to Run with the Kier Byrnes Freedom Runners and drink Baxter Stowaway IPA:

Six miles of biking added with four miles of running.  I have to reward myself with a Stowaway which might just be the best blend of an East Coast and West Coast IPA.


Is it a good idea to put Stowaway in the crane machine with the pornographic material and Rob Gronkowski rookie card?

6/26/2013 – Biking to the Backlash Catalyst DIPA premier party at Tommy Doyles:

Five miles to Harvard Square and back home.  Thanks to Pintley for throwing an excellent event and premiering this beer.  If you had a chance to notice it was listed in the Five beers of the month in June.  I also got to talk to Jeff from whom without their inspiration this wouldn’t be possible!


This is what a tap takeover looks like!

6/30/2013- Biking to Trader Joe’s because your car broke down:

Yes this is exactly what is sounds like and yes I frowned.  I figured to put in four miles and make the best of it with the Trader Joe’s Provincial Belgian Golden Ale.

20130629_204747 had a great review of this beer as well!

7/1/2013 – Biking to view Sasquatch:

So I went and ran the trail as a learning session for the Vert Sasquatch run.  Afterwards there were beers at JJ Grimsby’s but I figured it would be best to drink a Grey Sail “Smoaked Chimeny” for the full nine mile round trip ride (and 2.something miles of trails running).


7/4/2013 – Biking to Cambridge Brewing Company to celebrate CBC squared:

I wanted to go to Cambridge Brewing Company to try three things: Sake Beer, Tribute Beer, and Collaboration beer.  I also got to try fundraiser beer as well but the CBC was a great Belgian based beer that rocked!  CBC squared is what I recommend though!  This also got six miles out of the way.


RIP Officer Collier.  This stout is very good and is a classy move By Cambridge Brewing Company!

7/5/2013 – Oh that really long ride that would encompass 1/3 of a regular #DCBBrewvet totals:

20 Miles.

Yes that is correct 20.  Starting from Medford, Ma to Brookline, Ma to ….

Run three miles of hills with the November Project:


OK I probably walked a good amount of it, you caught me.

Next mission is to bike to work in Downtown Boston, Bike to the Market in Haymarket for lunch, back to work, then Back to Brookline where I enjoy several delectable beers from the best beer bar in Boston, The Publick House:


Here I drank a Belgian Dubble and a few other beers as well.

So in all on this trip there is 50 miles and several beers.  I hope to bike to more beer soon.  Only one more trip to write about!


3 thoughts on “Bike To Your Beer Part 4 (Oh The Places You Will Go).

  1. Hey Hey! Thanks for the love, and thanks for the 3 Brewery Bike Ride idea. Definitely going to add that to my queue. Also, how good is the Backlash Catalyst? Grapefruity goodness!

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