Bike To Your Beer Part 5 (The last ride but also the first)!

Sunday was an epic day if you were a runner or trail runner in the Boston Area or if you traveled from afar.  As for me it was a day that I got up at 6 am because I had a job to do in making sure that you enjoyed yourself.  Not only that but it would be nice to finish this out the same day as Vert Sasquatch. This would also be the last ride for the #DCBBrewvet which I have still not sent in the information in for yet. I have until Sunday at least!

What a crowd looking to start a fantastic race through the trails!

This is a journey that has went 102 miles of bike riding, a macro (Bleh), a visit to Tory Row, a saison, an IPA, 2 Belgians, 2 porters, 2 beers from Local breweries, and 2 brand spanking new beers!  This ending where I have to make sure the trail course is ready to go and marked off right.  Also, while marking off the course with caution tape I got bit by at least 20 mosquitos!  That being said it was more than worth it!

All this beer was drank by roughly 1000 runners! Fact! (picture taken in beer cooler the night before).

The after party could be considered the After Party of the Year!  Of the beers there “Sittin on Hop of the World” was a pleasant surprise of a beer that I haven’t had before.  A very nice balance of peaches and hops.  Notch’s “Session Ale” was a super pleasant surprise as well.  The last time I had it just seemed to be just ok but on Sunday the dry hopped aromas really stood out! Somer Weiss from Night Shift Brewery was also really good and they brought an awesome selection of beer to choose from!  On another note it must be said that Jack D’or from Pretty Things must live unless if he is getting crushed by my taste buds then it is all over and his death will be in my belly!

Talk about selection, Night Shift brought it!

Over all an epic day.  Until next time everyone!

Your race is over! Go drink some beer!


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