Narragansett Half Marathon (I ran 13.1 miles and can’t get a beer out of the kiddie pool?)

When I had told people I was doing this race over half of them thought I was running here:


However if you look it up you’d find out it was here:

easton ma

This being said it was more cooler today but not nearly cool enough for a half marathon that being said I paid to run and the show must go on.

I start the first mile not too fast but not too slow.  However at the end of mile one a bee stings me on my neck and shoulder area.  This is something that I have not have happened all together, let alone in a race!

I ran with my friend Christina for the first three and a half miles.  I then stopped for water and that was when my feet didn’t want to go one in front of the other.  Something felt odd.  I felt the sting of the bee wasn’t pleasant but it was almost gone by then.

I saw goats at Mile four.  I also realized there was a scenic beauty on this course with a few paved trails and

The Gansett van passed me by a couple of times at miles 5 and 6.

Mile seven I hit the wall and everything came crashing down.  Toes were blistered in a couple of spots.  I have a blister on my right foot the size of a quarter where my shoe had rubbed. Every shaded area was a blessing but I felt gassed.  Never was I happier to see a finish line.

Right after the race I felt like I could pass out. I ate and drank water and took what seemed forever to get back to my car (almost a half of a mile walk to the car!)

Mr Gansett can was a happy site before it all went downhill.

I changed shirts, dressed down to flip-flops,  and went back to the after party.  After that I to the after party and have a Narragansett Summer Ale. I feel that it isn’t as good as when I had it a couple of years ago.  It doesn’t have the lemony zest and the hops on it doesn’t come across so well.  I went out to get  some therapy and for a side treat I got to see the last finisher cross the finish line but not before the blow up truss had been deflated to the ground.

I get back to the party to see four large-sized kiddie pools filled with beer but the front beer coolers were not.  When I asked the volunteer/server if I could have one he said no because they shut down at Noon.  No where in any communication said that the after party would stop at noon.  The Dime a Dozen cover band was still playing at this moment.  You could have at least served beer until they were done.  The email sent out promised two beers and I didn’t get but one.

All in all I am about 75% sure that I may not run this race again, mainly because the last finisher had the opportunity to drink zero beer.


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