If A Training Run Is This Awesome Then The Race Will Be Off The Hook!


Race Director Eddie O  with the starting group of runners before going out for the Vert “Big Bad Wolf”  Pre Run.

On Saturday we went to a Pre Run of the Vert Big Bad Wolf Race at the Ipswich Brewery sponsored by Slumbrew, Notch, Clown Shoes, and Ipswich 5 Mile!  Proceeds from the race itself will go to benefit the Wolf Hollow Sanctuary in Ipswich, Ma. We started at the current Ipswich brewery and ran to the start of the race.


In the distance  you can see the New Ipswich Brewery.  This will be the start and finish of the race.


When the course goes from road to trail we stopped to regroup.  If it should be known this is the perfect beginners.

The group ran another 3.7 miles and then we regrouped at the current Ipswich Brewery.  There we were greated by vintage Ipswich vehicles, pizza from the Ipswich House of Pizza, Vert Tech T-shirts, and of course beer!   Also, a representative from the Wolf Hollow Preservation gave out free stickers and visitor passes as well to the runners!


Unfortunately there was no beer being served from this truck!….


This was how the beer was being served!

In regards to the Beer being served we got to try the Notch “Corn Mule Lager” which might just be the best Lager I have ever had. Not only that but I got to add it on Untappd.com. There was Slumbrew “Flagraiser” which I may have gotten the only pint of because the keg had kicked, Ipswich Summer Ale was a very nice summer ale, and the ever so delicious “Happy Sol” from Slumbrew.


Fact: Wolves love beer!


A free t-shirt for running a free training run?  You won’t beat that!


Anthony was nice enough to give us a tour of the facility at the current location for the Ipswich Brewery.  Afterwards we also took a tour of the facility at the new location.


Hops are being grown off of the side of the new Ipswich Brewery!


Runners gather to take a tour of the new Ipswich Brewery!

All in all it was a fantastic day for the 40 runners who showed up and got to try some awesome beer and view an awesome brewery.  If you want to sign up for the race you can do so at vertraceseries.com/bigbadwolf.  The race is Saturday September 21st at noon in Ipswich Ma!


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