Why Would You Waste Your Marketing Dollars On The Wrong Person?!

So on my Facebook feed I have been seeing a lot of ads for Bud Light and the sort.  I will never, ever, ever, eeeeeevvvvvver endorse Bud Light.  But somehow they seem to want to pop up on my Facebook page:

bud light copy

Not only that but even more confusing things like to pop up as a sponsored advertisement as well:


Pickups and beer, So where is the beer?  What I see are some long legs which are there for the sexed up effect. I also see a big rig that she has climbed in.  I’m going to assume that the people who are fans of this site are people who drink Bud products.  I went to the sight and it was truck and mud. Leggy McModel legs wasn’t even anywhere to be seen.

So what do you do when they reach out to advertise to you?:


Give a nice negative response.  Maybe they will know that if you use analytic information to people who like Craft beer then they will get nothing but negative response.  Looks like I just brought the whole brigade in!



Run A 5k, Drink A Beer And Eat A Doughnut! Can You Do It?



So in my hometown of Spartanburg, SC on October 29 will be the 5th Annual Nu-Way 5k.  Do I have mixed feelings about this?  Yes.  Reason being?  Well they are serving PBR mid run over RJ Rockers but then again the sign that welcomes you to the Nu-Way is a PBR sign so it makes sense.  Also, the Krispy Kreame doughnut can’t be that bad right?  You can sign up here!

Race Offenders: Drivers Who Yell At You!

So Friday night I went for a 3.5 mile run and while running through Medford I had encountered a guy who was screaming out of his car, “Homo, Homo, Homo!” Granted I don’t know if the guy was yelling at me or the three guys who passed me running shirtless. Three things that I noticed about the guy yelling at us:

  1. He was very unintelligible!
  2. This was the car he drove:
  3. I bet this was a photo of his gut:

This all being said I would much rather be a homosexual than be an ignorant bigot who couldn’t run a quarter of a mile if he tried.  Do every runner a favor and just drive by.  We will have a much less of a chance of noticing you and everything will be more peaceful!

Also yesterday after having this sign:

walking sign

I ran across the road.  What would you know but the same person would be back yelling, “Hey, Your going to get runned over!”  Same previous rules apply to this guy as the previous guy.  But the attentiveness to not pay attention to anyone but himself got him in trouble.  Let’s call it.  We’re just out there to run.  These people need to chill out. Agreed?

Support Beer Stores and Bars that Don’t Seasonal Creep!

So far here is a list of places that are not Seasonal Creepers and you should support when they have their fall seasonals available (pumpkin beer, etc).

In Massachusetts:


Craft Beer Cellar in Belmont and Winchester are not selling fall seasonals until September 1.  They are also throwing a party on  September 1 to bring on the fall season at their Belmont Ma store!


Olde Magoun’s Saloon in Somerville is also not having any Oktoberfest beers until their premier party on September 4 premiering Paulaner Oktoberfest Wiesn.


Cambridge Brewing Company is not going to have Great Pumpkin or any of their other in shop Pumpkin beers available before the beginning of next month. Why?  Because they brew with fresh sugar pumpkins and those don’t become ripe in the middle of June!  They also have a the best Oktoberfest race ever!


I’ve also heard from a very trusted source that Brittish Beer Company in Franklin will also not be carrying any Fall beers until September 1 as well! Might just email them to make sure all of the other locations are not seasonal creeping as well!

john harvards

John Harvards in Cambridge, Framingham, Lake Grove NY, and Providence RI are all waiting until September to release their Oktoberfest lager!

greenhouse_stoddard's9_g style


Just got word that Stoddards won’t be selling Fall seasonals for another week or  so as of 9/6/2013.

New York:


Good Beer in New York as previously mentioned also will not be carrying any fall seasonals pre September 1 except for Tumbler which is technically just a brown ale.


Proletariat in NYC is not carrying fall seasonals until September!

The Diamond Bar in Brooklyn will not be carrying Pumking from Southern Tier until Mid September!

How does this work:

  • Buy your fall seasonal beers (Pumpkin, Oktoberfest, etc) from only the locations above after September 1. This will show beer companies that the Seasonal Creep is not appreciated and in turn they will actually delay putting out their fall seasonals before September 1.
  • Don’t buy seasonals from locations who are already selling them or have been selling them since July!

Please let me know if there are any locations anywhere in the United States who are waiting until September 1 to sell fall seasonals. This list will be updated constantly!