What Season Are We In Again?!

Ahhhh Summer….


The romance…..


The grilling……


The beach….


The Pumpkin and Oktoberfest beer????!!!?!?!?!?!?!?


So wait,  Here we are in the begining of August and there has actually been several Pumpkin and Oktoberfest beers that have already been released.   Sam Adams released their Oktoberfest last month, Southern Tier released their Pumking on July 16 (I’ll atest to this being the best Pumpkin beer I’ve ever had), Harpoon has already released their Imperial Pumpkin, and from the pictured evidence above Harpoon UFO and Weistephaner Oktoberfest is also available.


This being said today is August 9th.  Pumpkin beers shouldn’t be thought of  or drank before September 1 as of the earliest.  Craft Beer Cellar recently announced on Facebook that they would not be selling any type of fall beers until September 1st. Olde Magoun’s Saloon in Somerville isn’t releasing their Oktoberfest beers until September 4th.  Cambridge Brewing Company hasn’t had their pumpkin smashing event to service all of their pumpkin varieties of beers as of yet!  I think the Real Beer Nut hit some very good points.  Sometimes you do need something to sell but it is up to us the consumer to make it a point that there is the need for more summer and regular beers and try to keep the Fall seasonals where they belong.



This is what we should be focusing on right now!

Speaking with most people whom I ran into while purchasing the two beers above they agreed with me and the fact of Fall beers should have waited until September.  Even the Customer Service clerk who was at the store where I had purchased the two beers above.


As for me, I am going to wait to drink any kind of fall seasonal beer until September 3rd.  Drink Fall beers in July and August is like running a Marathon in July and August,  the beer will not be as good and you’ll run your personal worst.


5 thoughts on “What Season Are We In Again?!

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