Why I run with…The Kier Byrnes Freedom Runners!

Almost two years ago I had my first pleasure of running with the Kier Byrnes Freedom Runners.  I had seen them while running several different races in the Boston area during the previous summers. They would be very easy to spot because of the words “Follow Me To The Beer” inscribed on the back of their running shirts.  A silhouette of Keir Byrnes is on the front of the running shirts.


Kier does exist but you may not see him every week since he has this little howler to tend to!

I had known a couple of members of the group for the onset of a couple of years and they had always been extremely friendly.  So on a crisp November night I went on the invite of Tim Briggs to Atwood’s in Cambridge.  I can vividly remember Meeting with Tim, Kier, Kier’s wife Mandy, and a couple of other people.  It was a very small group but a fun group with a run around the Charles River.  I kept running with them even after my other club would do track workouts. We also talked about how much we enjoyed Baxter Stowaway IPA.


I watched as the club slowly grew in the winter and by the spring became original advertised part of Atwood’s.  Each of the runners got their own run and even The Beer Runner stopped in one time as well.  Heather Vandenengel’s article for the Dig in Boston brought a whole new light to the club and beer running as well.  Afterwards the club grew. However in January of this year we moved over to Courtside because we had outgrown Atwood’s!



The new relationship with Courtside has been a wonderful one.  They have even improved their beer line up to include Baxter IPA, Troegs Hopback Amber, Allagash White, and Left Hand Milk Stout.  As more people come it will be interesting to see what will be coming next.




The club even stepped up and collaborated with the Race Director of Cambridge 5k the day after the Boston marathon bombing to raise over $4000 for the One Fund.




Every run starts with a Braveheartesqe shout of “Freedom”. The club is still doing a lot of interesting runs for members of the club who have run with us for a while.  They have also incorporated new runs such as a running of the bulls, beach run, and short shorts run (new runners still find us from Vandy’s article on beer and running I mentioned earlier).  Also if you are new then you will receive a cheers from the club.  Jeremy will bring snacks and there is also pizza complimentary of Courtside as well.




Lindsay from Baxter loves cake, Baxter Stowaway IPA, and Photobombing!

Speaking of Baxter they are officially the beer sponsor of the club.  So what are you waiting for?  If you live in the Boston Area you should come and do a run out to the Charles River, Bunker Hill Monument, or create your own.  You either have to run, drink beer, or drink beer and run.


tuesday nights


The Kier Byrnes Freedom Runners run out of Courtside in Cambridge, MA at 7:15pm.  They can be found on the web at Kbfreedomrunners.com, on twitter at @kbfreedomrunner, and on face book by searching Kier Byrnes Freedom Runners. 

If you have a run club that has an appreciation of craft beer and running you can be a guest blogger too!  Feel free to email me at Craftbeerandrunning@gmail.com.


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