Beer review: Running Monk Chainsaw Unicorn

So when I mentioned Furtive Trail race in Lafayette La I did receive an email back from The Ale Runner. He said he would have a pretty sweet Jockey box set up and well…..

The Ale Runner

Time for a beer review. This one is a double IPA called Chainsaw Unicorn from Running Monk Brewing Co. Check out the kick ass label.


Never heard of Running Monk? I’m not surprised. That’s because it’s my beer. Yep, that’s the name of my homebrew. And Chainsaw Unicorn seemed like a great name for a big hop bomb. So why am I reviewing my own beer? Because it’s awesome and this is my blog.

I will admit that I have trouble following recipes. From cooking to brewing, I just have a hard time not tinkering with something to give it my own flair. Such is the case every time I brew a beer. I don’t think I’ve ever followed a standard recipe. I like to make things my own way. So when I got a Pliny the Elder clone kit from Austin Homebrew, I knew I would somehow tinker with…

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