Chicago Stories: A Tale Of Two Baseball Stadiums!

Last year I ran my first official marathon in Chicago.  In the meantime I planned to make a little bit of a vacation of it. What is one thing I love outside of Running, Craft Beer, and Football (College and Professional): Baseball.

My plan to get in my baseball fix was simple. First go to see a Cubs-Astros game in Wrigley Field my first night in town.  The second night I was going to drive to Milwaukee and see the Brewers-Padres play in the season finale (it is October and baseball season was over).

Wrigley Field, Chicago Cubs

Wrigley Field, Chicago Cubs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It had been nine years since I had last been to Wrigley Field and I was excited to sit in the bleachers for the first time.  I did however find it was odd that the bleachers had a completely different entrance than the rest of the stadium.  This is an area where the fans are brutal and they get down and dirty when it comes to the team. I guess the most saddening part of this was the available beer that I drank at the park, let’s examine:

The first beer I had was a Labatt Blue, Labatt Blue is the Miller lite of Canadian beer. People who drink Labatt Blue can’t differentiate the difference between import and craft (It’s no longer 1999, people should be educated in regards to what is craft and what is not). Why did I have it?  Goose Island wasn’t even an option (Let alone was

The second beer was probably a Corona (If I put a lime in a Bud Light it will taste like lime right? Yep).

Heileman’s Old Style was the last beer I had.  Ironically I had to search the park over for this one.  Made by Pabst it is we’ll say the PBR of Chicago just like Olympia is the PBR of Washington state.  PBR is the drink of hipsters that makes them feel ok at old men bars.

Let’s just say that leaving Wrigley Field left me desiring a really good beer.

Prince Fielder's Last At Bat as a Milwaukee Brewer

Prince Fielder’s Last At Bat as a Milwaukee Brewer (Photo credit: compujeramey)

This leaves us to the very next day.  I drive to Milwaukee and on the advice of a lovely lady I met at Wrigley Field  I stopped by Mars Cheese Castle and bought a ton of New Glarus beers (sorry I can’t say everything was bad that came out of Wrigley). Afterwards it was off to the MillerCoors brewery where I will later give my thoughts and feelings on but then we took a trip to Miller Park.

I’m not going lie about it,  I quite frankly thought my best beer options for Miller park would be Leinenkugel.  Oh how I was wrong. I mean there were stations throughout the stadium which sold Miller products but I found heaven at the craft beer station in the stadium!

Capital City Supper Club lager was the first beer that I had.  It was good but I can’t say that I am a huge lager fan unfortunately.  I’ll have to try some of their other beers if I can but the fact they were there made this an inevitable win in my book!

I next had Booyah from MKE (Milwaukee Brewing Company), This beer was the best Farmhouse/Saison I have ever had! I would say in my humble opinion it is the Heady Topper of Saisons! Not only this but it was poured in a gas station coffee cup (not a beer cup because they had somehow ran out of regular cups). This didn’t matter because heaven had just hit my lips. When I get back to Chicago this year I am going to make sure to get a six-pack of this to bring back to Boston.

I also had a beer from Sprecher which I wanted to say was their Amber Reserve.  Also a good beer as well.  It should also be noted that brands such as Horny Goat, New Glarus, and New Belgium were also available!

I was also mystified that Bob Uecker’s play-by-play was being played over the loud-speaker throughout the stadium.  I’ll also say that when I decided to leave the stadium I was hugely impressed with the Milwaukee Braves tribute within the stadium.

Chicago may have the historical traditions but Milwaukee has the better beer!

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