Race Offenders: Drivers Who Yell At You!

So Friday night I went for a 3.5 mile run and while running through Medford I had encountered a guy who was screaming out of his car, “Homo, Homo, Homo!” Granted I don’t know if the guy was yelling at me or the three guys who passed me running shirtless. Three things that I noticed about the guy yelling at us:

  1. He was very unintelligible!
  2. This was the car he drove:
  3. I bet this was a photo of his gut:

This all being said I would much rather be a homosexual than be an ignorant bigot who couldn’t run a quarter of a mile if he tried.  Do every runner a favor and just drive by.  We will have a much less of a chance of noticing you and everything will be more peaceful!

Also yesterday after having this sign:

walking sign

I ran across the road.  What would you know but the same person would be back yelling, “Hey, Your going to get runned over!”  Same previous rules apply to this guy as the previous guy.  But the attentiveness to not pay attention to anyone but himself got him in trouble.  Let’s call it.  We’re just out there to run.  These people need to chill out. Agreed?


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