Why Would You Waste Your Marketing Dollars On The Wrong Person?!

So on my Facebook feed I have been seeing a lot of ads for Bud Light and the sort.  I will never, ever, ever, eeeeeevvvvvver endorse Bud Light.  But somehow they seem to want to pop up on my Facebook page:

bud light copy

Not only that but even more confusing things like to pop up as a sponsored advertisement as well:


Pickups and beer, So where is the beer?  What I see are some long legs which are there for the sexed up effect. I also see a big rig that she has climbed in.  I’m going to assume that the people who are fans of this site are people who drink Bud products.  I went to the sight and it was truck and mud. Leggy McModel legs wasn’t even anywhere to be seen.

So what do you do when they reach out to advertise to you?:


Give a nice negative response.  Maybe they will know that if you use analytic information to people who like Craft beer then they will get nothing but negative response.  Looks like I just brought the whole brigade in!



One thought on “Why Would You Waste Your Marketing Dollars On The Wrong Person?!

  1. My news feed’s “sponsored” posts keep showing a lot of weight loss/diet promotions. As well as plenty of wedding related stuff more recently (photographers, venues, dresses, jewelry, registries). The interesting cross over between them is the “get in shape for your wedding” ads. The most annoying part of the weight loss ads is they very much look like spam. So I’ve been clicking the button that says Don’t Show Me This, and then report as spam, then when they ask why I’m reporting it as spam, it just looks like spam! Mildly insulted by all the weight loss promotions, but I think they’ve ID’ed me as someone into fitness/running. But ugh, those ads are weird and spammy. Way to go on showing the brands that you don’t want them!


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