Five Beers Of The Month (August Pumpkin-Free Edition)

So with going to New York and to the Massachusetts Brewers Guild Festival there were some very hard choices to make. Therefore with a lot of the beers I have had this past month I present to you the five best:

Riverwalk- “Screendoor Summer Ale”  :

riverwalk brewing

I can’t think of a better beer to describe summer and to end Summer with.  I had mentioned that this is a brewery that was top-notch at the Mass Brewers Guild Festivals and this is one beer that does not disappoint.  My friend at the bar last night asked me what he should get and I told him this one!  Perfect beer to wind down those last couple of weeks of Summer.

Amherst Brewing Company- “Gone Postal IPA”:


Had this at the Mass Brewers Guild Festival and it was the top beer of the night in my opinion.  I know that is says it has 109 ibus but it goes down so smooth on the back-end.  You should grab this today if you get a chance!

Idle Hands- “Cotton”


Cotton is a Second Anniversary Ale from Idle Hands.  That being said the balance of a Saison with hops is so good together you can’t say no.  If you are able to go and drink this one now!

Keegan Ales – “Longest Day IPA”


This is one of the best IPAs I’ve had in a long time.  It isn’t so punch filled that it breaks your taste buds.   I was untappd trolling for the coast to coast badge at the pony bar when I had this one.  This was even better than getting the badge!

Captain Lawrence – “IPA”

captain lawrence ipa

This is one I got to try twice.  I had bought a bottle to bring back to Ma because it is not available here but I also was referred to try it on draft when I was in Good Beer in NYC.  The owner of Good Beer was right, this was not to be missed on draft.  It was also good in the bottle as well!

What were your favorite five from last month?  Cheers!


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