Races To Run September 2013

It’s that time of month again to assess which races are the best and will have the best beer at them.  Unfortunately we did miss a couple of races but we do recommend a few other ones!:

Race of the Month:

VERT- Big Bad Wolf (9/21/2013)- Ipswich, MA:


Having personally ran the course this course last weekend I can say that it is one of the most beautiful views of land you will ever run on.  Also running up and down a huge hill to start and finish the race is something that should get anyone going!  Not only that but there is some beautiful farm land to go along with the course.  Pouring the race will be Notch, Slumbrew, Clown Shoes, and Ipswich/5 mile!  This is not a race to miss at all!

As for some other awesome races as well!:


Baker’s Dozen Beer Run (9/21/2013) Marshall MI: It is pretty bold to have a doughnut before a run is pretty bold. Doing it before a 1/2 marathon then you get props my friend! Post race refreshments sponsored by Dark Horse Brewing company!


Trail to Ale 10K (9/22/2013) Portland Me: Looks like a fun race with Shipyard and pie at the end!


Race Against Cancer Summer Series Race #6 5k (9/26/13) Boston Ma– The last of a new summer tradition for 2013. Come run along the Charles River and enjoy a cold Rapscallion at the end of the race!

run wild

Run Wild Franklin Zoo 5k (9.22.13) Boston Ma:  What could be better than running in a zoo and then drinking beer from Sam Adams, Lagunitas, Mayflower, Long Trail, and Blue Hills?  Get back to me when you have an answer!


#C5KOKTO – FREE Training Run & Launch Party (9.24.13) Cambridge Ma: Get your Dirndl and Lederhosen ready and come out to run the new Cambridge 5k course.  Free Swag and German food after the run! Post race refreshments from Cambridge Brewing Company. What are you doing on a Tuesday night again?  Thought so!

Das Hustlehoff Fun Run at the 44th Annual Denver Oktoberfest (9.28.13) Denver Co:

This is a fun run were you can dress up in your Dirndl, Lederhosen, or as the Hoff!  Post race refreshment by Sam Adams!

Are there any races with Craft Beer post parties that I missed for this month? Email me at craftbeerandrunning@gmail.com!  


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