On Ms. Vandy Leaving

On Leaving. – For perfect reference as to what’s being mentioned.

I meant for this to be a repost which will just take what Vandy says and send it out to our followers.  That being said I think it is best to leave  Heather with what she left us with:

When you do a google search on “Beer and Running” you will find craftbeerandrunning.com on the beginning of page 5. Heather Vandy’s article on beer and running shows up on page 1 just below the beer runner.  I made the decision eight years ago to move to Boston and I look back at it with no regrets.  Your decision to leave will be the next chapter on a continuous journey!  Thank you Heather,  you have done so much for us here in Boston and will will always appreciate you for it!

Cheers Vandy!


P.s. You’re leaving us all Saaz!


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