Chicago Stories: The Bar That Has The Silliest Name Might Just Be The Best Bar In The City!


I know that writing these series of stories about the events that When I had finished with viewing the game in Chicago’s Wrigley Field I was left desiring a great beer!  With a place with the name of Quenchers it seemed like the kind of place where you would pick up a cold Bud and if you were lucky there would be a Sam Lager on draft. Or it is the place where you get a fruity kids drink or gum filled with liquid.  This is where I was wrong completely!


I went there with friends who lived in the neighborhood who also suggested it.  I was not disappointed.  I got to realize why we all drink craft beer.  It is the community of it.  That is why you’ll see that there is no bubble and craft beer is still going to boom.  To add to the awesomeness of Quenchers there is a world and state listing of beers as well as entertainment 7 nights a week! I will remember this as being the place I was introduced to Half Acre’s “Daisy Cutter”.When I am back in Chicago in a couple of weeks this will be the first place I will stop!


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