Something I was told by a race director a couple of weeks ago is that every race has to have a charity.  If you don’t have a charity then it doesn’t legitimize you.  This is true and what I am going to say should never deter you from running a race because that is a wonderful way to meet new people.  But running for a charity can go beyond running a race!

Earlier this year I was informed and introduced to a phone app call Charity Miles.  Unfortunately, my phone was such a foul machine that it would never work with this app.  Two weeks ago I bought a new phone and have began to use the charity miles app!  What I like about the Charity miles app is that You have several options of charities to choose from.



My personal preference is Feeding America.  Knowing that each mile I run gives a meal to a needy person is awesome!  Also you can use the app for walking or biking if running isn’t your thing!


This being said I was also reminded by a friend on Facebook of a video for Back On My Feet.  If you have the time there are several cities in America where you can actually meet with people who are rock bottom but are 30 days sober, clean, and looking to improve their lives.

Charity will happen at almost every race you run whether there is Craft beer there or not.  Sometimes it is just best to expand your horizons and to help those lest fortunate.


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