3 Is The Magic Number!

Three years is a long time.  Just how long of a time is three years?:

Cambridge 5k / Vert didn’t have a race nor a race series  that was active. To go a little bit further the Freedom Trail Run was only five months old.

November Project didn’t have a workout full of stairs, decks of cards, insanely steep hills, flair, and may have not been discussed by Brogan and Bojan (I have no confirmation to confirm or deny this was in discussion)!

NoDa Brewery didn’t open their doors until October 29th, 2011, let alone did they have a successful run club at the very beginning!

Informal Running was ran out of a place named The Rock!

Race Menu’s/Run Against Cancer Events “Super Sunday” race was a 5k and 10K ran in South Boston.

Why do I mention all of these things?:


Because this man has run at least a mile and drank at least one beer every day for the last three years!  He is “The Beer Runner” and his run a day drink a beer day streak has been around longer than all of these things!

Run at least a mile a day and drink a beer a day!

After a half marathon: Check!

Came down with the Flu and pushed through it: Check!

Has a heart and has run with it: Check!

I met The Beer Runner a little more than a year ago randomly at Oktoberfest in Germany!


Ok, you did get me.  I invited him to the Bur-run in Somerville, Ma.  The next day he was also invited to a Kier Byrnes Freedom Runners run when it was at Atwood’s in Cambridge, Ma the next night.  No one has done more for the Beer and Running community together more so than any other writer combining them together!

His chapter of not running and drinking a beer for 1066 days will begin on October 5.  October 4th if you are anywhere near close to the city of Milwaukee then you should definitely make it over to Milwaukee Brewing Company (They are 1000% a craft brewer) tomorrow night for the last public run of the streak!  I’ll recommend the “Booyah” to drink if you go.

Here’s to you The Beer Runner.  The things I’ve listed above may not have been as strong without you!




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