5 Beers Of The Month September (To Drink Or Not To Embrace Fall)!

It’s that time of the Month.  It’s fall so that means it is time for leaves to fall, apples to pick, pumpkins to be carved, and that one day a year where women dress up as sexy (insert “whatever” here).

Threadless IPA - Finch's

Finch’s – “Threadless IPA” – The Beer Runner really showed love for this beer. That being said once I saw this in Craft Beer Cellar I had to have it!  Really nice grapefruit flavor.  If you see this or anything else Finch’s makes, get it!


Kentucky Bourbon Pumpkin Ale- This one hasn’t come out until recently but there is a good reason why!  Using real pumpkin and then keeping it in a barrel made for bourbon for a set period of time.  The Pumpkin and Oak aged Bourbon goes well together. This one is a standout.  Great stuff I look forward to having again really soon.

fresh cut

Peak Organic “Fresh Cut”- When I went on my first run of pumpkin beers this was a suggestion made by a friend at the beer store I went to.  This was an excellent selection as the hops in this pilsner really make it a refreshing beer to drink.  This one is a good one to have on a mild afternoon!


Lakefront “Pumpkin Lager”- I must say this one caught me by surprise.  Not only do they have one of the best brewery tours but they also have made one of the best pumpkin beers on the market!  Made with real pumpkins you know you are getting a good one!

bikini beer

Evil Twin “Bikini Beer”- Searching for a photo for this one it looked like an awful beer ad.  Yes this is 2.7% ABV but if you have drunk Notch then you know that ABV has nothing to do with flavor!  This one has a very crisp and clean feel.  This one is a must have as well as it’s brother beer “Hipster Ale”!


What beers did you enjoy this month?  Leave a comment and let us know!


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