HomeBrewers Who Run……Duex Cornishons


Paul and Kristin Nelson from Deux Cornichons!

If you translate Deux Cornishons into English it stands for Two Pickles!  Also Deux Cornishons is better sounding than Two Pickles.  If you ran the 5th Anniversary Run of Somerville Road Runners.  I spoke with Paul and Kristin to get their take on running with the Somerville Road Runners and Homebrewing!:

How did you become involved with the Somerville Road Runners and were able to pour at their fifth anniversary run?:

Paul:  Gordon Pilotte had contacted us to do the run.  Knowing we have been a part of the club for over a year we accepted his invitation.

Which Beers were poured on the run?:

Paul: We poured Belegost which is a Belgian IPA named after the mountain in Lord of the Rings.   The second is called Kerel’s Al Sheik Muhari Butti which is a Belgian Brown Islamic style beer made with figs and dates!

How long have you been brewing?:

Paul: Close to eight years!

What is it that you enjoy about homebrewing?

Paul: It is awesome to give to friends and the community.  It is really nice to see new people get turned onto beer when they otherwise wouldn’t be introduced to it.

Are there any plans to take the brewery to a professional level?

Paul: It would be nice but it would possibly take away from the creativity we have.  Kristen and I are school teachers and to do this on the side is rewarding but at the moment we enjoy just homebrewing.

Are you pouring any other events for the Somerville Road Runners any time soon?:

Paul: We’re pouring the Boo-Run out of Casey’s on Halloween.


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