#Deckaday tourism

So the November Project is pushing people to do a Deck of Cards workout for 30 31 days.  My thoughts were that I could do it for 10 days then take a few days off for the Chicago Marathon and then go directly back to it. I got called out and those who were taking the day off were called out.  I had told someone that I was going to stop with the #Deckaday around the middle of this week but I realize that this is a 30 31 day commitment and I am at least going to do a 100 days in a row of it in the vein of the 100 x 100 challenge!

I haven’t been able to post pictures to Twitter (and therefore I haven’t announce it over twitter) for the last three days but here is a recap of what happened (I’ve also created #Deckart to make the challenge more creative and maybe fun):

elin deck

Elin announced on Tuesday He couldn’t do a #Deckaday so I created his image while doing #deckaday in 16:40.


#Massdeck was done in 18:20 on Wednesday!


#Illinoisdeck was done in 19:37 when I got off the plane and got to my friends apartment.

My friend Elin was under doctors order had to stop his #Deckaday.  I had told him that I was going to take it easy and stop doing it but Elin said to go a little slower.  This along with being called out made me reassess.  I am going to push through and keep it up.  Not only for the 31 but for the 100 (at  least).  #Deckxs100 will live and It could further itself into a #deckstreak. Since I am out-of-town I think it might be optimal to give #deckaday tourism a second definition.  This machine plans on going to 100 and maybe further even through the marathon. I have to commit to 31 days in a row if I am to use the #deckaday (it’s the rules).


I did my deck in 20:47 and now it is time to go to this place above for a Beerventure (Beer Adventure)!



2 thoughts on “#Deckaday tourism

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