Boston Still Remains Strong!


It is amazing how life can turn around. Looking at the Red Sox over a year ago were a team in disarray. They had traded half of the superstars on their team and they were one of the worst teams in MLB.  One year later the Duck Boats, confetti, and team paraded through Boston. It was a wonderful and wild day here.  This city has begged for this since the tragedy of what happened in April!

Today I watched the parade from in front of the Kinsale because I knew it wouldn’t be over-packed as much as Copley Square (where the Boston Marathon finish line is) or at Fenway Park where the crowds were packed.  From there I walked over to the Esplanade where the Duck Boats were paraded in the water.  After seeing the aftermath of a drunk guy in a Tuxedo jump in to the Charles River it was time to head over to the other side of the Charles (Cambridge to the non-locals)!

On my way over the Mass Ave bridge one runner after another passed me.  Some runners were in pain, some made it look easy, and some had to stop temporarily because of too much foot traffic on the Mass Ave Bridge.  It’s inspiring because there were friends who went for runs and races instead of the parade.  There are friends who are running in New York tomorrow.

We’ve picked ourselves up and started running again. It is inspiring to see everyone stay strong and the reward that has come with it!


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