The Beerventure that was not meant to be!

A little over a year ago my mother came into town to visit. For a bit of background about my mother can be explained with this statement: She is extremely Southern Baptist!

So on this trip we first went to Portland Maine and that being said there would be no beer consumption or brewery visits.  On the way back she had mentioned to me that she wanted to get maple candies for members of a rest home that she volunteers at from time to time.  These candies were at Ben and Jerry’s.  What is next door to Ben and Jerry’s?:

Alchemist sign

The Alchemist Cannery!!

That being said I was %110 up for going on this trip so I could get a full case. I couldn’t imagine how it would taste over and over again when I brought it to Boston. So three hours in the car to Boston my mission was to find the Heady.  Once arriving to the Cannery we ran into this familiar sight:


Image available from

Let’s just say that my soul was crushed and that I wasted a trip to VT in my mind. The worst was hearing the following words from my mother:

“God didn’t want you to have that beer!”

Let’s just say that I just wanted to crawl in a ball and sulk in a corner.  Also being with mom meant no sampling!

This being said I did what any self-respecting or deprecating Vermont Tourist would do and went next door to Ben and Jerry’s.  Afterwards I realized that I would be hungry and needed food for the ride home so we stopped at the Skinny Pancake in Montpelier.  I offered to buy an unopened can from the server and he immediately refused.  Afterwards I made the last-ditch effort to go to the  Hunger Mountain Coop and what do you know but no luck. Speaking with the cashier he informed me that they have a two four pack limit and got a pallet of it. It arrived on Friday and was gone by Saturday afternoon.  However I did end up with a bottle of Hill Farmstead “Anna” which was really really good!  Not everything was lost, “Anna” was delicious!

I was reminded about this because the news of today was that the cannery will not be open in a couple of weeks for the public.  From my understanding though and I have never been there but people were buying 5 cases of beer at a time which was a strain to them I am sure.  Also how can they ever get their beer out to the companies they have contracted to give their supply to if they can’t keep from getting the beer out the door.  We should look at this as an opportunity to support other businesses when we visit and other beers as well.  In case if you don’t or haven’t thought of the other spots to where you can get Heady Topper then here you go:

Mad River Valley:

Ake’s Den
Big Picture Theatre
Bridge Street Butchery
Castlerock Pub
East Warren Community Market
The Hyde Away
Hostel Tevere
Irasville Country Store
Mad Taco Waitsfield
Mehuron’s Market
Mint Restaurant & Tea Lounge
Mutha Stuffers
Nutty Steph’s VT Granola & Chocolate
Pine Tree Pub
Red Hen Bakery
The Inn at the Round Barn
Village Grocery
Waitsfield Wine Shop
Warren Store


Jericho Country Store
Richmond Beverage
Rochmond Mobil Mart


Mexicali Grill and Cantina
Monty’s Tavern
Natural Provisions Market
Shelbourne Meat Market
Vermont Meat and Seafood Market


1/2 Lounge
60 Battery Street
A Single Pebble
Ake’s Place
Bessery’s Quality Market
Bluebird Barbecue
Bluebird Tavern
Bueno Y Sano
Buon Apetito
Burlington Bar Market and Cafe
Charlie’s Rotisserie & Grill
Cheese Traders
City Market
Daily Planet
Das Bierhaus
El Cortijo
Finnigan’s Pub
El Gato
Gracie’s Liquor
Guild & CO.
Logan’s of Vermont
Halvorson’s Upstreet Cafe
Healthy Living
Henry Street Deli
Higher Ground
Ice House
Juniper Bar
Ken’s Pizza
Manhattan Pizza
Marriot Courtyard
Merolla’s Market
Mr. Mike’s Pizza
Pearl Street Beverage
Penny Cluse Café
Pine Street Deli
Pizzeria Verita
Radio Bean
RiRa’s Irish Pub
Route 7 Liquor
Ruben James
Skinny Pancake
Skinny Pancake – BTV Airport
The Farmhouse Tap and Grill
The Scuffer
Tratorria Delia
U-SAVE Beverage Center
Winooski Beverage


Arvad’s Grill and Pub
Blue Stone Pizza
Cold Hollow Cider Mill
Cork Wine Bar & Market
Crossroad Beverage
Hen of the Wood
Michael’s on the Hill
Sunflower Natural Foods
Tanglewoods Restaurant
The Prohibition Pig
The Reservoir
The Village Market


Beverage Baron
Corner Stone Pub & Kitchen
M&M Beverage
Mulligan’s Irish Pub


Berlin Street Mobil
Hunger Mountain Coop
Mad Taco Montpelier
Montpelier Village Pizza
Positive Pie
Skinny Pancake
Three Penny Taproom
Uncommon Market


10 Acres Lodge
Bee’s Knees
Blue Donkey
Burt’s Pub
Cactus Café
Charlie B’s Restaurant
Crop Bistro & Brewery
Edelweiss Mountain Deli
Frida’s Taqueria & Grill
Green Mountain Inn
Moog’s Place
Mountain Cheese &Wine
O’Grady’s Grill
Piecasso Pizzeria & Lounge
RimRock’s Mountain Tavern
Stowe Beverage
The Pizza Joint
Top Notch Resort
Stowe Cinema
Vermont Ale House


Essex Discount Beverage
The Essex Resortt and Spa
Fairgrounds Beverage
Sweet Clover Market


Misery Loves Company
Monkey House
Mule Bar
Sammy’s Quick Stop

Is Heady Topper that good?!  Yes!  If we were to do a blind taste test with say Night Shift’s “Citranation” orSlumbrew’s “Snow Angel” or Backlash’s “Salute” and have “Heady Topper” as the fourth beer would you have a hard time picking a winner?  You probably would.

It’s true that God didn’t want me to have Heady Topper that day but I did have it and it was good! That being said we can’t treat it like it is the only beer out there.  I did get the bottle of “Anna”.  As a drinker of craft beer and a homebrewer I can say that doing the same thing over and over is boring and unimaginative. If Heady Topper is the only beer that you will drink then you are as closed-minded as the repetitive Bud Light drinker.

The Alchemist is doing the right thing and they are allowing the businesses around them sell their beer which will make everyone more profitable in the long run!


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