Beers Of The Month: Pumpkin Month (October 2013)

October was a fantastic month for beer!  Not only that but there was visits to New Glarus, Milwaukee Brewing Company, Three Floyds, Revolution , Founders, Brewery Vivant, and Half Acre Breweries!  That is six breweries and a lot of beer to catch up on!

New Glarus – “Moon Man (no coast pale ale)”: Since this beer is available “Only in Wisconsin” then I must make more pilgrimages to Wisconsin to enjoy this.  Granted some of the best IPAs are on the west cost or east coast, the best pale ale I’ve had has no coast!  Also as an honorable mention for New Glarus is “Strawberry Rhubarb” A very delicious fruit beer that if someone hadn’t mentioned it was beer, then you would probably believe them!

moon man

Half Acre- “Daisy Cutter”:


When in Chicago the new go to beer is “Daisy Cutter”! This is as fresh and tasty of a pale ale you can find! Some people prefer a good IPA but you will never fail with a great pale ale.  I can’t wait for Extreme Beer Fest in March to have more of these guys stuff!

Founders- “Barrel Aged Main Guy Mango” :


Oh wow, this is what you get when you brew an ale with mango and put it in a rum barrel for a set period of time.  You get a refreshingly and deadly delicious ale that might put you on your butt if you drink too much of it.  Enjoy this in a snifter and be responsible!

Tree House – “Green”


The little brewery that could, can, and does.  Let’s just say if you have never had Tree House beers then you are missing out.  This one has a hint of Honeydew and is a fantastic IPA.  Get it when they open their new brewery soon!

Southern Tier – “Warlock”:


This is the evil black twin of Pumking. A pumpkin stout that doesn’t hold back on the pumpkin flavor.  Get it while you can, if you still can!


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