#RunChatHunt With Craft beer!


So there has been an announcement of a holiday run streak and a run chat has a #runchathunt set up for Thanksgiving through Christmas.  This being said I am going to add a bit of spice on this and drink a can of craft beer on each stop.

At a farm:  Check

In front of an inflatable ornament: Check  (and I already know where to go for this one)!

Port-a-potty: Check and I hope that the one is still up on the Minuteman trial!

Picture with someone I don’t even know?: Fantastic,  Sign me up!

Drinking a can of Budweiser?:


How do I follow or join in on the fun?  Follow me at @craftbeerrunner on Twitter.  Also feel free to join in on fun and hashtag #runchathuntandhash.

Happy running and drinking all!


4 thoughts on “#RunChatHunt With Craft beer!

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    • I’ve been doing this in the Boston/Medford area. I’ve actually knocked out a few of the #runchanthunt things and hit threein the snow today in Natick, MA. Feel free to do it where you are at as well! Cheers!


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