Beers of the Month: November 2013 (The month I almost forgot)

I am very late with this. I know and I am sorry but I still want to give the love to the beers that were the best in November!


Three Floyds – Brew Doo: “It’s Not Normal…..” This might just be one of my favorite bottles of all time.  I was expecting more of a rustic red color from the pour of this and that fall kind of taste.  That isn’t what I got from it at all and it was awesome!


Alchemist- Heady Topper: What can be said that hasn’t been said before?  That being said I did end up with a case so I am happy.  Still a fantastic beer and should be available if you plan out your trip to Vermont right!

mexican cake

Westbrook- Mexican Cake: What do you get when you add everything that makes a cake awesome with habanero peppers?  This of course.  This is about as awesome as an imperial stout gets!


Tree House- Sap: If there is one thing that Tree House does is that they make phenomenal IPAs.  This is no different at all!

yankee swap

Slumbrew- Yankee Swap: What do you get when you add and English Ale with Maple Syrup and let it age in an Oak Rum Barrel for a while?  This is what you get and it is delicious!

What 5 beers did you enjoy in November or are enjoying for Christmas?