What Beer(s) Did You Bring The New Year In With?


Here are just a few of the choices we had from yesterday! Cheers!


4 thoughts on “What Beer(s) Did You Bring The New Year In With?

  1. I got off work at 11:32 PM and hustled home to watch the ball drop on TV. Of course, I stopped at the convenience store to cash in some scratch offs for more tickets and pick up a delicious 6-pack because you know what they say, “How you spend New Year’s Eve is how you will spend the rest of the year.” Well, I wanted to set 2014 up to be a year of drinking delicious beer an trying to get lucky.

    Colorado brewery New Belgium is a recent addition to beer shelves in Florida. I’ve had Fat Tire in Illinois and Tennessee before and loved it. Now that it’s at the grocery store up the road, I can’t keep myself away from it!

    • I have to agree with New Belgium making some great beer. They also make a great set of sours as well. It won’t be long before they are in all 50 states with the Asheville brewery slated to open by next year! Hopefully you got lucky with your scratch tickets. I realize that you can’t run with them though!

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