I Gave Up Beer For A Week (Amongst Other Things)!

So New Years Day this happened!  Yes look at all that fantastic beer.  There were some excellent beers including Crooked Stave (Not shown), Backacre, Westbrook, Birdsong, Jester King, and NoDa just to name a few!  Now why am I being such a grump?:

Because my girlfriend challenged me to do a week-long cleanse including giving up beer for an entire week.  Not only did I give up beer for an entire week but I also gave up sugar as well.  For the last two days of this cleanse I gave up all other forms of Gluten and meat.  I also was going to give up coffee but I completely failed at that.  Here is a day by day account of what happened:

1/2: The Cleanse starts and so does the snow.  So much snow that work lets out a few hours early.  What is good for being let out of work a few hours early:


Yes, all the beer I had left over from the 1/1 tasting.

1/3: This day was miserable.  All day the temps didn’t meet above 15 degrees and negative temps overnight:


Cold weather makes me feel like this:

hot chocolate

What is a day like this made for? Hot Chocolate Porters and Stouts!  I have plenty of them. Just look at the picture above.  Also my favorite local bar is open serving beer to everyone.  I am failing at life!

1/4: One of my brewer friends posts this article on Facebook.  Now I am realizing I am wasting my time.  Also I haven’t run in three days.

1/5: I am now having dreams about having beer.  I dreamed I gave up on my pact to keep the no beer streak going.  I dreamed that I had failed.  I had not but I had dreamed it.  I also finally put in four miles

1/6:  I am now giving up meat and other forms of Gluten.  This should be fun. I want to give up coffee but being aware for work gets in the way of that!

1/7: Nope that isn’t hard at all but there sure are some Porters staring at me!

1/8: I’m so disoriented that I mistake Uber for Beer on Facebook posts, make jokes about Kickstarter breweries and then things presume back to normal:


1/9:  I’m not going to lie.  I’m make it a week and I am not an alcoholic.  I think I have proved this by going a week without beer or any other alcoholic beverage. Now if someone would have brought over a growler of Bean Porter (Best Coffee Beer bar none) by Night Shift I would have failed at this.  But that would have been for coffee and not for beer.

All in all this isn’t a bad experience.  I couldn’t give up the coffee but I am ok with that.  Usually weekend days I can go without it.  I also lost a couple of pounds as well. I did feel good.  That being said

Ironically on Saturday I was running with my Blerch Shirt and another runner yelled out the blerch.  I come to realize why I don’t cleanse.  I need to feed my inner Blerch.  But at the same time I need to keep active myself. The Blerch is my opposite of keeping active. Without him I don’t stay nearly as active and become stagnant.

the blerch

Dear Blerch, I believe in you.



P.S. It is time to go for a run and then go drink a beer!


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