Top Five Beers Of The Month (December 2013)

I know, I know. I should be putting this out before the end of the month or the very beginning.  Not at the start of the last week in January.  That being said I am not going to give up just yet!  Also, here you go and these beers were quite good!


RJ Rockers- “Strawbeery” – I’ll be the first to admit that I have love for my hometown brewery (from Spartanburg SC originally).  This being said they have one thing they do an awesome job with is their beer infused with fruits.  They finally made “Son of a Peach” a year round beer.  I remember stopping by the Brewery around Christmas and this being on draft.  I’ve got a feeling that this one might graduate to year round status sooner than you think.  And if you can’t get New Glarus fruit beer offerings you’ll still be winning by having fruit beers from RJ Rockers!  And speaking of Strawbeery it was fantastic with a great taste of strawberry you might forget you are drinking beer!


Night Shift- “Bean Porter” – When I first tried “Bean Porter” I think the first thing I noticed on it is the nose.  I won’t be lying if I said it was the most fantastic nose on a beer I have ever had.  The coffee and vanilla mixed with Rye and Whiskey blends this out to be one of the top beers this past year.  I think if there is one beer I would love to see go from Small Batch series to a full-time beer.  You can go ahead and worship Bourbon County but know this blows it right out of the water!


Omnipollo – “Fatamorgana” – I can’t say that I am overly fond of beers not made in the USA. This being said I grew up in an age where Imports were considered Craft (Heineken, Stella, Guinness) . Now that being said this is only the second international beer to ever make a top five of the month list of mine.  I loved this beer when I had it at the Thirsty Monk in Asheville NC.  If you would have told me this was supposed to have a saison I would have said that is crazy but that being said this is one delicious IPA.  Sweeden, you win on this like you will win gold medals in Sochi!

orange bliss

Westbrook- “Orange Bliss”- I remember going home to Spartanburg SC and trying this at Growler Haus.  I was expecting a saison but what I got was much more awesome.  This is actually Westbrook’s 3rd anniversary chocolate stout which I was told by staff at the Greenville Beer Exchange was the recipe for Mexican Cake but replacing the hot peppers with Oranges.  If this is the case then I think they should try doing this with all sorts of things because it is delicious. Imagine covering your oranges with chocolate and putting it with a nice stout!  That is what this is.  If there is a collab with RJ Rockers and Westbrook it would be the end of the world because we do not deserve such fine things!

global warmer

Sixpoint- “Global Warmer”- I must admit I didn’t know what to expect when I first had this but I will say that it was pretty phenomenal.  This has all the citrusy goodness you can expect from an IPA and it goes down smooth with no boozy aftertaste at all. This is the beer the world needs because we’ve all been under a polar vortex for too long!

So what are your five best beers of the month…or whenever?


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