I love shitty, generic, cookie cutter beer festivals.

I’m not one to reblog many things but I think it can be said there are way to many beer fests which are not out there to help the brewers. These fests are just there to make a quick buck for the promoter and nothing more. This being said I have to give appreciation to Beer Advocate, Drink Craft Beer, Brewvival, and the many brewers guild festivals that help the brewers and producers of fine craft beer do what they do. For the ones who are asking for donations and doing shitty beer fests, may you continue to get shitty brown ales and the absence of my attendance! This is a story of one of the promoters who puts on these events!

matthew 'fuj' scher

Especially when they have really shitty, generic, cookie cutter websites, too.

NOTE: Previous images removed at owner’s request. Current image may contain portions of copyrighted works that totally don’t belong to Thomas Tarry, Jr. nor The Results Group, in fair use as a parody. I’ve put about as much effort into this picture into as Tom does his websites and beer festivals.
Tom Tarry

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