Five Beers Of The Month (January 2013 minus one week)

So let’s just start where the first day of the year brought this house:


And then for a week my beer drinking went to this:


So was everything good I had on the first day of the year but then afterwards was not?  Let’s take a look:


Backacre “Sour Golden Ale”- Let’s just say that if you have never had this then you are missing out.  It might also be a beer that is harder to find than Heady Topper in Vt! When you get your hands on this beer from the blendery in Vermont do yourself a favor and drink it!



Cigar City  “Hopped on the High Seas w/ Citra”- This beer was brought back to me from a friend who visited  Florida. This is heaven when it hits your lips.  The fact that he brought back two cans of this to one of everything else is a testament.  If you have a chance to get your hands on this then do so immediately!



Jester King- Noble King” –  I’ve seen a lot of Hype about Jester King so when I was in SC at the Community Tap it was obvious that I had to pick this up.  Labeled as a hoppy farmhouse ale it also had the characteristics of a sour.  Complex and unique.  If you have a chance to pick this up then do so!


Sixpoint “Hi-Res”- If you have had Resin you know how nice it is. If you see Hi-Res from the outside it is 11% ABV!  Beers with this much ABV you feel certain are spiked with some kind of liquor. This one is very smooth and could be very deadly if you have too much of it! This one is definitely worth drinking though when you can get your hands on it.



Crooked Stave “Wild Wild Brett Blue”- It was a nice and pleasant surprise to have this brought to a bottle share in January. This friend got 1000 friend points although they didn’t need them.  As for the beer it is nice to. When you get to try a beer brewed with blue spruce tips and Brettanomyces yeast it is a delicious treat!

What beers did you enjoy in January or now?  Feel free to let me know!



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