Why Do I Drink? (How Music Became Running Became Beer)!

Please note that this is my first Session blog so please be kind, also note that Baltimore Beer and Bistros came up with this months topic:


I’m going to go back in time because that would be where this story began. I can vaguely remember when the Braves won the World Series back in 1995 and I was 18 years old.  I remember it because it was the first time I had ever gotten drunk. This was a time where Craft Beer was almost non-existent. This night was full of Miller Lite and waking up your friend at around 3 am (which is ok at 18 and not in your mid thirties *how exes come into play*).

Fast forward to the day before Thanksgiving of that year.  I was introduced to the band Albert Hill.  To me this was better than getting drunk.  This was better than Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, and Pearl Jam which I really liked at the time!  This was music of the Gods:

albert hill

I’ll spare you mid 9o’s  press photo and give you a shot of their famous but not widely released EP.

A few months later I may have went to my first or second Jump Little Children concert. A different band but also when I lived in South Carolina they were also local! A band that I enjoyed because it wasn’t Bass, Drums, and Guitar. However there was a mix of cello, accordion, melodica, and upright bass included.  This night I was pulled over for running 74 in a 45. One more MPH and it would have been possible jail for me.  Why would I have went so fast?  Of course seeing a girl with that puffy cheek dimple faced cuteness I had a crush on get groped on by another dude:


The thought was that a major label deal would be the best thing for the JLC. It was like InBev buying out Goose Island and Blue Point. 

I remember for my 21st birthday going to a street fest in Columbia. The night of going into my 21st birthday my first beer was a beer was from RJ Rockers from their brewpub. The day after I asked the festival sponsors if I could have the Bud Light Banner with my actual 21st birthday on it and the organizers said no.  This may have been Going into the new millennium I still followed both of these bands but my interest was waning.  On NYE of 1998 going into 1999 I had my first Thomas Creek beer. I thought it tasted like chalk. This is also coming from a guy who at one time thought that IPAs were the worst beers in the world (they are the best in my opinion now and evolve every day for the better). This can also be said of Thomas Creek, they have lasted the test of time and put out some fantastic beers!  The world at this time was Macro vs. Import. Imports are just the Macros of their countries though (There’s that one special bar where they get imported kegs of Guinness from Ireland, please let me know when you find it).

Why do I mention all of this?  It was a part of moments that come back to you when you think about these things.

Fast forward to 2007 and what I would consider my very first race and 1000 miles removed from my previous surroundings.  This was the Doyles 5 Miler in Jamaica Plain:

Doyles 5miler

I would suggest to go to raceit.com and search for Doyle’s 5 Miler but it might be easier to get the paper form at Doyle’s and give it to the bartender!

This being said I ran this race and started to do many more afterwards.  What did I not know about this race was that there was post race beer. I didn’t learn this until the following year! This is where I also had learned that Harpoon sponsored their own five miler. This has now culminated to Cambridge 5k and their support of such local breweries at Cambridge Brewing Company, Slumbrew, Notch Brewing, Night Shift Brewing, Treehouse Brewing, and DownEast Cider.  Each of these brands bring a different, needed, and unique element to brewing in the Boston Area. These people influence what I drink. Drinking local is what we should all aspire to do.  From our music to our beer it is best to support your friends.

Think about it: times, interests, and styles will change. This is what I am saying after drinking a “Pliney the Elder” and a “Heady Topper” back to back. This is probably a once in a lifetime event but it is always about keeping things fresh!


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