A Course (Of Course)!

Ironically one of the greatest things that gets overlooked at a race is the course itself.  We always talk about the beer, the T-shirt, the food (even if it is just a banana or a full on meal) but the course is something that is not mentioned as much.  Of course we like to say it is flat or hilly but there is so much more.


This has been my life for the past week and will be a huge part of my life tomorrow!

Notice that this course of the Cambridge 5k “Craicfest”  has 21 turns in 3.1 miles.  If you take a look at the Boston Marathon route it has only five actual turns. It is also 26.2 miles.



This is the intersection of Land Blvd and O’brien Highway.  There is always a ton of traffic here as noted from earlier today. The race will go through the red light and under the MBTA Bridge. It will then go over the Gilmore Bridge. This is a huge artery from Cambridge to Boston and a lot goes into shutting it off. Be thankful to your police officer directing traffic.

Beyond getting through the traffic you will see some of the most fantastic views of Boston:


Right After Mile 1.


At Mile 2.



Yes, at night but still part of the course.  Everyone loves running over a bridge!

There is so much more to show but I will leave this for you to see tomorrow morning. If you haven’t signed up feel free to come to the food court at the Cambridgeside Galleria between 7:30 am and 9 am tomorrow and sign up to run.  You’ll enjoy the course!!


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