Top 5 Beers Of February!

Last day of March….It’s been a busy month but I still love beer!  Ironically all of the beers in February were IPAs and pale ales (is this Normal)?


Victory “Hop Ranch”- This is a very refreshing IPA. Victory had a huge win with Dirt Wolf and this is a continuation of that.  If you are able to find this one get it!


Slumbrew “Flagraiser”- I have rediscovered this beer recently and I must say that it is now better than ever.  If you haven’t had this as of yet it might as well be one of the most underrated unfiltered IPAs on this market! Thank me you will enjoy it and a lot!


Night Shift “Galaxynation”- I had taken the Galaxy hop as being second tier hop but this offering is changing my mind.  “Citranation” is now currently on tap and is a must too!


Stone “Enjoy by 2.14.14” – “Dank Valentines Day” Enjoy by 4.20.14 will be “Dank smoke day”!

Trillium  “Stumpy Duck” – If you haven’t heard of Trillium then you very soon will.  They make some fabulous IPAs, Pale Ales, and Saisons.  This is no different.  How can you also not like the name Stumpy Duck.  It just rolls off the tounge.



What beers did you enjoy in February and beyond (crap it is 1.5 hours from April). I. AM. SLACK.


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