Budweiser Made A Beer That Changed My Life!

I know that I have made fun of Budweiser products in the past but my mind, heart, and taste buds have seen the light:


Budweiser & Clamato Picante Chelada.  This is holy hangover cure for your Sunday Brunch minus the celery and olive.  But who needs that when you got a beer pinker and much more life changing than Night Shift’s “JoJo”? On one end you get the taste of V8 and on the other you get second shelved candied deliciousness. This isn’t good enough for you?


Bam!!! Nothing will spice this party up like Sriracha and Frank’s Red Hot. If you have never had Sriracha shame on you.  I have poured it into every craft beer I have ever had and that is why they have all tasted so good! Still not hot enough?  Pop in some of that Frank’s for extra kick!


It’s like liquid chips and salsa!  You don’t like chips and salsa?  You were born without a soul!  This beer is so good that it is all five stars on that Untappd ticker:


This beer is so good that I had to pour it out for my “Dead Sink Homies”!:


Most of the can for my “Dead Sink Homies“!



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