Want What You Need!


Last Monday was an amazing day for healing.  If Boston was in need for one thing it was healing. The aftermath of the destruction caused last year. I can say that the damaging point for me was that it separated me from a lot of friends mentally  31 years is a long time not to field a champion. What may have been more impressive is that Meb will be 39 in just a few weeks.  Boston has not been won by anyone older since 1931. This was the impossible and the impossible happened! This is  was what the city needed! Things may never be what is called normal but it is coming back to the closest feeling that it represents.   Four people died, 14 people lost limbs, and 1000s of people had their dreams shattered. Waiting for 371 days not including the training before to cross the finish line has to be daunting and to get there brings a sense of peace to life. It has become a need.



The events of the 2013 Boston Marathon didn’t hit home until I was running in my neighborhood and ran into Crystal Campbell’s wake.  My heart sunk because I saw the town where I live become stopped in time by sadness.  This finish relieved a lot of that.

It made me go back to myself and look to where I come from.  I remember 15 or so years ago my friends wanted to go out for a run. Low  and behold I agreed to it.  Around the old high school and before a half of a mile was complete I was sure I would vomit.  It makes me fast forward to October 7, 2012 when I crossed the finish line at the Chicago Marathon in 3:56:03.  I may have been 60+ pounds heavier when I had run that first half mile.  Coming to my mid 30s I realize that crossing that finish line was what I needed.  I look at the things I need in life: love, nourishment, shelter, family, and friends.

Fate and destiny are real things but they do not happen without dedication and hard work!  If you want what you need the impossible will become possible.


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