I’m Not Sad It’s Over, I’m Glad It Happened…..

In the past week Tree House Brewing Company has moved will be moving their location and the Alchemist Brewery is closing its brewery off to the Public as of tomorrow.

Tree House Brewing was is still open at its old location at 63 St. Claire in Brimfield Ma.  I had the opportunity to go here and see its beauty one last time a few weeks ago.  I feel very fortunate and honored to have been able to visit here one more time before they move to Monson, Ma.  Sometimes neighbors are not so neighborly  but with this being said Tree House tried their hardest to appease all in the neighborhood.  This being said I have a feeling that the new brewery will be a sight to see.  If you have seen the photography from their website then you know their eye for style is as keen as it gets!  Also, Dean will still be there to be the friendliest greater at a brewery you have ever met!  Expect great things with 15 barrels of beer being made at one time!


On the same note The Alchemist Cannery is set to close its doors  after tomorrow.  Also there were issues with neighbors as well which caused this to happen.  A year ago I failed at getting any Heady Topper but this past Monday I was fortunate enough to finally score a case (I’m also in the public frame of mind that one case is enough for one trip per person).   As good as the beer is the bigger treat was walking through the location and seeing it come off the line.  When you go to the cannery it is the place that you would expect to welcome tourists and visitors.  This also being said there will be a new merchandise store coming in the new year.   I don’t blame the Alchemist at all for their decision.  It was a decision to keep the brand going long-term. I know it wasn’t done on intentions but on sustainability!

Alchemist sign


This is a sight that the public eye unfortunately will not be able to see.  The fortunate thing is that it will still be made and you might still be able to drink it!

heady out

With more Heady Topper going to retail locations  for the time being this should be a sight less seen as well (maybe)!

I feel fortunate to have beerventures to both of these places and stories to tell (There will be separate blogs with lots of pictures forthcoming).  There is no doubt that both will keep producing fantastic phenomenal beer in the future!