Why I Don’t But Do Recommend Streaking!

Last night  I realized that I may have bitten off more than I can chew.  I’ve decided to do four different streaks to preclude the month:

Sorry, but I will be wearing clothes during all these streaks! So what are these streaks?:

1. #Deckaday 31  100 day challenge– The Deck a day challenge was put out by the November Project for anyone who was willing to do it.  I started on September 30th and was going to stop for a few days on October 10  until the day of the Marathon but when Tourism was announced (taking a few days off) I decided to push through it. This is a challenge that is combined with the 100 x 100 challenge  which was introduced to my by my friend Neighbeers back in the summer.  I decided to wait to do this until after the Chicago Marathon but when I ran into the Deck a Day It Today (12/14/2013) will be day number 76. Wednesday January 7 will be 100!

2.#Plankaday-  I started doing this on November 1.  It makes the second fitness activity I have streaked with.  Does my core feel a lot better?  Yes!  Do I post about it enough?  Not according to the plankpolice:

3. #RWrunstreak: Runners World put out the run streak that runs from Thanksgiving to New Years day.  The only issue with this is that I could run just 1 mile each day for a total of 35 days.  Not that much to be honest.  Well there were a few races to keep me honest in doing more than just one mile including the Gobble Gobble Gobble 4 miler, Winter Classic 5k, and Miss Santa 5k to keep me honest above that level.  I’ve also decided to do the #runchathunt with craft beer to also keep this exciting.

4. #12daysofplanking:  Well this is just taking #plankaday to a whole new level.  My goal with this is that I want to include more side planks into my workout.  If I do one on each side and a regular plank each day and increase this workout by one set each day to end up doing a total of 36 planks of at least a minute long Christmas day!

5.  My Garmin needs to have 1000 miles by December 31:  This is quite self explanatory though I didn’t receive my Garmin in the mail until February 18 of this year.  I have 17 more days of the #RWrunstreak and therefore I have 17 more days to complete this mission.  I looked at the watch and I am 36.85 miles away from reaching 1000.  This being said I have to do  2.17 miles a day for the next 17 days.  Not an impossible task but it makes things balance out and doesn’t allow me to run one mile a day.


This all being said it really depends on what kind of person you want to become.  If you like your days off or need vacations from goals then streaks are not for you?  If you need a push and keeping fit matters then I would recommend a streak to get you started.  Will all of these streaks have an end: Yes! When: Not for sure.  But I am going to used them to make me a better and more fit of a person!



Chicago Stories: Marathon Song!

For anyone who has ever ran a marathon you would know that it is no easy feat.  I remember running last year and after 25.5 miles and  and around 2:51:00 elapsed on my watch I realized I was going to make my goal:  an under four hour marathon!  At this moment I heard Arcade Fire’s “Wake up” was blaring.  At this point I knew that hard work had helped me accomplish a goal.  At that point I did shed a tear.

This being said, it will happen again this year if this song is blaring.  Have you had a moment where you were running and a song you heard hit you in the gut?  Let us know!

From Boston to Chicago


Almost a year ago I ran my first official Marathon in Chicago (I say official because I did bandit Boston in 90 degree weather).

Looking at my marathon training there has been a month full month heat, humidity, and foot pain.  The heat and humidity will go but I am not for sure how to get rid of the foot pain.  Even a couple of days ago I felt a little overwhelmed and ran my slowest half marathon ever in Easton. I’ve also noted that I ran my second slowest with 8 weeks go when I realize this will be 12 Sundays from this Sunday and there is still time.  If I were to peak at this moment it wouldn’t be good.  If I peak in October then that is what I want and it would be the best possible result.


There were a lot of good memories and stories from last years race.  A lot that I will share in the next few weeks. How a local brewery in Milwaukee has more interesting history than the massive Macro brewery.  How one baseball park was night and day better than  the other in regards to craft beer selection. How sharing new beers and reconnecting with friends is awesome. And most importantly the race itself.

Chicago was something that I did for myself last year.  It was proof that I could break 4:00:00 in a marathon and I ran 3:56:03.  That being said the world is a different place.  The events and tragedies of the Boston Marathon makes this race much more meaningful. There are many stories that I could personally about how this years marathon but I will wait tell. It is time to let this one heal. This one I will run for the city I have called home for the past 8 years. I have a large list of friends and new friends that I have made who are also running.  Hopefully we can all run for our city (at different speeds and abilities of course).  Hopefully at the end of this race we can eat Chicago style hot dogs, eat Giordano’s Deep Dish Pizza (and hopefully not bbq chicken this time), and drink beer at Revolution Brew Pub.

If I hear Arcade Fire again at mile 25 of the way to the finish I’ll break down into tears that will have more meaning. I will run the last and only memorable hill of the race at mile 26 going to 26.1, then going downhill to the finish line at 26.2.

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