Why I Don’t But Do Recommend Streaking!

Last night  I realized that I may have bitten off more than I can chew.  I’ve decided to do four different streaks to preclude the month:

Sorry, but I will be wearing clothes during all these streaks! So what are these streaks?:

1. #Deckaday 31  100 day challenge– The Deck a day challenge was put out by the November Project for anyone who was willing to do it.  I started on September 30th and was going to stop for a few days on October 10  until the day of the Marathon but when Tourism was announced (taking a few days off) I decided to push through it. This is a challenge that is combined with the 100 x 100 challenge  which was introduced to my by my friend Neighbeers back in the summer.  I decided to wait to do this until after the Chicago Marathon but when I ran into the Deck a Day It Today (12/14/2013) will be day number 76. Wednesday January 7 will be 100!

2.#Plankaday-  I started doing this on November 1.  It makes the second fitness activity I have streaked with.  Does my core feel a lot better?  Yes!  Do I post about it enough?  Not according to the plankpolice:

3. #RWrunstreak: Runners World put out the run streak that runs from Thanksgiving to New Years day.  The only issue with this is that I could run just 1 mile each day for a total of 35 days.  Not that much to be honest.  Well there were a few races to keep me honest in doing more than just one mile including the Gobble Gobble Gobble 4 miler, Winter Classic 5k, and Miss Santa 5k to keep me honest above that level.  I’ve also decided to do the #runchathunt with craft beer to also keep this exciting.

4. #12daysofplanking:  Well this is just taking #plankaday to a whole new level.  My goal with this is that I want to include more side planks into my workout.  If I do one on each side and a regular plank each day and increase this workout by one set each day to end up doing a total of 36 planks of at least a minute long Christmas day!

5.  My Garmin needs to have 1000 miles by December 31:  This is quite self explanatory though I didn’t receive my Garmin in the mail until February 18 of this year.  I have 17 more days of the #RWrunstreak and therefore I have 17 more days to complete this mission.  I looked at the watch and I am 36.85 miles away from reaching 1000.  This being said I have to do  2.17 miles a day for the next 17 days.  Not an impossible task but it makes things balance out and doesn’t allow me to run one mile a day.


This all being said it really depends on what kind of person you want to become.  If you like your days off or need vacations from goals then streaks are not for you?  If you need a push and keeping fit matters then I would recommend a streak to get you started.  Will all of these streaks have an end: Yes! When: Not for sure.  But I am going to used them to make me a better and more fit of a person!



#Deckaday tourism

So the November Project is pushing people to do a Deck of Cards workout for 30 31 days.  My thoughts were that I could do it for 10 days then take a few days off for the Chicago Marathon and then go directly back to it. I got called out and those who were taking the day off were called out.  I had told someone that I was going to stop with the #Deckaday around the middle of this week but I realize that this is a 30 31 day commitment and I am at least going to do a 100 days in a row of it in the vein of the 100 x 100 challenge!

I haven’t been able to post pictures to Twitter (and therefore I haven’t announce it over twitter) for the last three days but here is a recap of what happened (I’ve also created #Deckart to make the challenge more creative and maybe fun):

elin deck

Elin announced on Tuesday He couldn’t do a #Deckaday so I created his image while doing #deckaday in 16:40.


#Massdeck was done in 18:20 on Wednesday!


#Illinoisdeck was done in 19:37 when I got off the plane and got to my friends apartment.

My friend Elin was under doctors order had to stop his #Deckaday.  I had told him that I was going to take it easy and stop doing it but Elin said to go a little slower.  This along with being called out made me reassess.  I am going to push through and keep it up.  Not only for the 31 but for the 100 (at  least).  #Deckxs100 will live and It could further itself into a #deckstreak. Since I am out-of-town I think it might be optimal to give #deckaday tourism a second definition.  This machine plans on going to 100 and maybe further even through the marathon. I have to commit to 31 days in a row if I am to use the #deckaday (it’s the rules).


I did my deck in 20:47 and now it is time to go to this place above for a Beerventure (Beer Adventure)!


Bike To Your Beer Part 4 (Oh The Places You Will Go).

So there have been more than several stops along the way that I have skipped.  Here is my sorry in advance and my hopes you can forgive.

6/25/2013 – Biking to Run with the Kier Byrnes Freedom Runners and drink Baxter Stowaway IPA:

Six miles of biking added with four miles of running.  I have to reward myself with a Stowaway which might just be the best blend of an East Coast and West Coast IPA.


Is it a good idea to put Stowaway in the crane machine with the pornographic material and Rob Gronkowski rookie card?

6/26/2013 – Biking to the Backlash Catalyst DIPA premier party at Tommy Doyles:

Five miles to Harvard Square and back home.  Thanks to Pintley for throwing an excellent event and premiering this beer.  If you had a chance to notice it was listed in the Five beers of the month in June.  I also got to talk to Jeff from Drinkcraftbeer.com whom without their inspiration this wouldn’t be possible!


This is what a tap takeover looks like!

6/30/2013- Biking to Trader Joe’s because your car broke down:

Yes this is exactly what is sounds like and yes I frowned.  I figured to put in four miles and make the best of it with the Trader Joe’s Provincial Belgian Golden Ale.


Notquitebelgian.com had a great review of this beer as well!

7/1/2013 – Biking to view Sasquatch:

So I went and ran the trail as a learning session for the Vert Sasquatch run.  Afterwards there were beers at JJ Grimsby’s but I figured it would be best to drink a Grey Sail “Smoaked Chimeny” for the full nine mile round trip ride (and 2.something miles of trails running).


7/4/2013 – Biking to Cambridge Brewing Company to celebrate CBC squared:

I wanted to go to Cambridge Brewing Company to try three things: Sake Beer, Tribute Beer, and Collaboration beer.  I also got to try fundraiser beer as well but the CBC was a great Belgian based beer that rocked!  CBC squared is what I recommend though!  This also got six miles out of the way.


RIP Officer Collier.  This stout is very good and is a classy move By Cambridge Brewing Company!

7/5/2013 – Oh that really long ride that would encompass 1/3 of a regular #DCBBrewvet totals:

20 Miles.

Yes that is correct 20.  Starting from Medford, Ma to Brookline, Ma to ….

Run three miles of hills with the November Project:


OK I probably walked a good amount of it, you caught me.

Next mission is to bike to work in Downtown Boston, Bike to the Market in Haymarket for lunch, back to work, then Back to Brookline where I enjoy several delectable beers from the best beer bar in Boston, The Publick House:


Here I drank a Belgian Dubble and a few other beers as well.

So in all on this trip there is 50 miles and several beers.  I hope to bike to more beer soon.  Only one more trip to write about!