Beers of the Month: November 2013 (The month I almost forgot)

I am very late with this. I know and I am sorry but I still want to give the love to the beers that were the best in November!


Three Floyds – Brew Doo: “It’s Not Normal…..” This might just be one of my favorite bottles of all time.  I was expecting more of a rustic red color from the pour of this and that fall kind of taste.  That isn’t what I got from it at all and it was awesome!


Alchemist- Heady Topper: What can be said that hasn’t been said before?  That being said I did end up with a case so I am happy.  Still a fantastic beer and should be available if you plan out your trip to Vermont right!

mexican cake

Westbrook- Mexican Cake: What do you get when you add everything that makes a cake awesome with habanero peppers?  This of course.  This is about as awesome as an imperial stout gets!


Tree House- Sap: If there is one thing that Tree House does is that they make phenomenal IPAs.  This is no different at all!

yankee swap

Slumbrew- Yankee Swap: What do you get when you add and English Ale with Maple Syrup and let it age in an Oak Rum Barrel for a while?  This is what you get and it is delicious!

What 5 beers did you enjoy in November or are enjoying for Christmas?


Run With Your Brewer!

A few months ago Budweiser came out with a campaign for you to “Track Your Bud” which was tapping into the fact that Budweiser is your local brewery. Their reasoning was because they have ten different facilities that make Budweiser across the United States.  This being said all business decisions are made in either St. Louis, New York, or somewhere in Europe where the main corporate offices of InBev are located.

If you are paying attention they are not as local as the brewery that is located close to you (Most Americans now live ten miles from a local brewery).  This being said do you know that your local brewer from your local brewery could very well be running a race with you?  For example Rich Doyle and Dan Kenary ran the Harpoon 5 Miler in Boston back in 2010.  More recently Sam Calagione from Dogfishhead brewing ran the Dogfish Dash 10k.

This Brings us to Cambridge 5k’s Yulefest being ran on December 1st in Harvard Square:


Chris Lohring running Vert Sasquatch 2012 trail race.

Three different brewers from three different breweries will all be pouring this years Yulefest including Chris Lohring from Notch Brewing, Caitlin Jewell from Slumbrew, and Nathan Lainer from Tree House Brewing Co. LLC. What might be most impressive is that Team Notch closed out team registration with 100 runners on its team on November 13th.  It wasn’t  Last year the total number of runners on Team Notch was 32.  Slumbrew captain Dani Holmes-Kirk announced that her team had capped at 36 runners on October 16th.  Per Caitlin the reason for capping the team at 36 runners was to give her runners something extra special.  This gift has turned out to be a special set of running jackets.  Not to be outdone members of Team Notch will receive glassware!

Why these brewers run might be a separate story on its on.  Per Chris, “I run three to four miles up to three to four times a week” Chris has also ran all of the Cambridge 5k/ Vert Races Series races since 2012 including “Oktoberfest” in which Notch Brewing is not a sponsor. Team Notch had capped at 80 runners for “Oktoberfest” 2013.   Caitlin states that “her runners that are slumbassadors give her the inspiration to run”.  Not to be outdone but Team Night Shift who combined forces with the  Massachusetts chapter of Girls Pint Out is over 40 runners for Yulefest.  Brewers Robert Burns, Michael O’hare, and Michael Oxton  of Night Shift brewing have run previous Cambridge 5k/Vert Race Series races.

The brewers will all agree that the Cambridge 5k races are great events to connect and reach their following.

chris lil santa

Day 0f registration will be held from 7:30-9 am on Sunday 12/1 at Tasty Burger in Harvard Square.  The man above will pour you a Notch!